Write for Us

Write for Us

If you go through the publications at EarlyinTime, you will realize that they are all fresh and exciting articles about the current events happening around the globe. You might also spot some in-depth amazon.com product reviews that feature very exciting items.

Write & Guest Post on My Google News Approved Site

Therefore, if you have the writing skills or have a very good attention to detail when describing products, we need you to write for us. You just need to follow the guidelines below before submitting a guest post on our website.

Article submission guidelines:

  • We accept articles written only about the latest news and events, happening all over the globe. If you have journalistic writing skills and are capable of carrying out in-depth research about a particular story, you are welcome to submit your article for consideration.
  • We also accept amazon.com product review articles on specific niches. If you are good at describing products from online research, well and good. If you can access the actual products and give first-hand information, the better. Simply submit the final article for consideration.
  • The article must be 100% unique. If our editors determine that your piece is spun or plagiarized, it will be automatically rejected. To help you get a feel for what we prefer, go through a few articles on this website. This will serve as an excellent guide. You can also identify some gaps by reading a few of our articles and thus, get some good topics to write on.
  • Articles should have a minimum of 700 words. You may include pictures, videos, tables, etc. to make the content more understandable through these additional forms of illustrations.
  • Divide the content into multiple sections with sub-headings so as to make it more readable. Use short paragraphs with short sentences.
  • Include a few external links (maximum of 1) to credible sources. Do NOT link out to porn, gambling, low quality or other types of websites that are not fit for our website.
  • The article should NOT be published in any other media before submission and approval by this website.
  • The article should be well formatted, factual and engaging to any reader. If our readers give it positive reviews, we will request you to submit more articles on a scheduled basis.
  • Articles should be sent via the specified email address.
  • It may take a few days for your content to get approved and published.
  • If it is sent back for revision, follow the given instructions and submit the work as soon as possible.
  • If published, EarlyinTime owns the legal rights to your article but we can indicate your name as the author if you wish so.
  • We would appreciate it if you share your published article on your social media pages so that we can reach more people using your high-quality work.
  • We reserve the full right to accept or reject any content for our own reasons.
  • You should only submit your work only after agreeing to all these terms and conditions.
  • You can contact us via email: [email protected] if you need further clarifications on how this program works.

How Do I Publish Article on a Google News Approved Site?

If you are expert on these niche you may submit your article.

  • US Daily News
  • Health, Fitness and Nutrition
  • Global Breaking News
  • Celebrity Interviews
  • Finance, Economy
  • Business
  • Technology, Gadgets
  • Education & Science
  • Lifestyle
  • Entertainment (Movies, Music, etc)

Publish your guest post on Google News Approved Sites (Included)

  • Article publishing with a permanent backlink.
  • The post will be published on homepage of our site for a limited time until new posts are published by our authors.
  • Get article indexed on Google News in both app and online.
  • Brand reputation gives you credibility in your industry.
  • Organic Traffic
  • 100% Fastest Indexed
  • 1 Do-follow Backlink
  • Permanent Post