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What You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Your Oven – Thermador Told You

We have to admit that many of our appliances are underutilized and ovens, more so when it comes to ovens. That’s why Thermador has set out to give some virtues that its convection and steam ovens can do without you knowing it.

“But what could my oven do that it hasn’t already done?” You may wonder. Well, it turns out that the Thermador Masterpiece®MES301HS oven, thanks to its combination of steam and convection cooking, can give professional finishes to not only dishes such as turkey or Christmas suckling pig, but also thanks to its 40 Easy Cook® food programs and pre-programmed modes that automatically set the temperature and humidity of the oven, according to what is going to be cooked, guarantee perfect cooking results for cakes, pizzas and even the very delicate roast beef. So far, everything is as expected, right?

But what if we told you that you would be able to make bread or pizza in less time because this oven can speed up the dough rising process, and furthermore, it can even help you make that yogurt whose recipe you inherited from your grandmother would you believe us? Well, even if you don’t believe us, here we share some uses that you can give to the Masterpiece®MES301HS oven that you didn’t know.

1. Perfect Hard-boiled Eggs

Grandmothers only know the correct time for hard-boiled or poached eggs. These were perfectly timed despite not using any clocks or other modern implements. Well, the Masterpiece®MES301HS oven will allow you to make any of the two dishes because, being a steam oven, the first thing you will dispense with is hot water, since this option and the friendly programming it has will free you from headaches.  

2. Baked Yogurt

Use the Proof Mode that allows you to use milk and steam to make granny’s strawberry yogurt recipe. After the oven does its job, store it in the refrigerator overnight. And the next day, voila! You will surprise your family with creamy yogurt for breakfast or snacks.

3. Bread or Pizza in Record Time

All recipes for the preparation of bread or pizza dough ask that after kneading well, the dough is left to rest so that it can grow. Well, the wait is no longer necessary. The Masterpiece® MES301HS oven allows you to double your dough in record time.

You just place the dough in the steam oven, select Proof mode, and the dough will rise in half the time the recipe calls for. Isn’t that wonderful news?

4. Dream Meatballs

The Masterpiece® MES301HSis the best culinary tool you can have in the house. Why? Well, because it is a steam and convection oven that offers kitchen lovers three cooking options: steam, true convection and steam and convection.

The steam and convection mode, for example, prevents meatballs from squashing or sticking to the pan; it also makes them cook in their juice. This is great news for those who love to incorporate them into spaghetti sauce.

What are the best apps to plan a trip

What are the best apps to plan a trip? Rappi Travel, Kayak, SkySkanner, Kiwi, and Airbnb are among those that stand out the most for their varied offer.

What are the best apps to plan a trip?

The tourism sector continues to reinvent itself in this digital age. There are more and more technological tools through which users, from the comfort of their home, can book and discover the best travel deals.

In this sense, discovering the best flight options to any destination in the world, accommodation at affordable prices, travel insurance, car rental and tour packages in the same technological tool is attractive and important when traveling.

Therefore, below are the best ‘apps’, available for iPhone and Android, to plan a trip.

1. Rappi Travel

The ‘button’ within the Rappi application, where users can purchase lodging, air tickets, and vehicle rentals. In addition to making automatic changes with self-management and cancellation on the same day of purchase, free of charge.

2. KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars

this application is responsible for finding the best market rates for accommodation and air tickets. In addition, the tool shows the lowest prices and allows the user to cancel or make changes to a reservation without any additional cost.

3. Skyscanner Flights Hotels Cars

This tool, in its mobile and web version, shows a wide variety of flight offers, including low-cost airlines. It also includes warning alerts in the event of price drops, search filters, and a price calendar. The application maintains discounted prices for a time while the tourist decides to buy.

4. Kiwi

In this app, the user can not only book cheap flights but also book hotels and rental vehicles. In addition, the tool provides information on ATMs, restaurants, and other places to visit during the trip.

The Kiwi ‘app’ also provides information on tourist places.

5. Airbnb

This accommodation search tool, in which owners offer their apartments, houses, and other real estate. The options are limitless, tourists will be able to filter their searches according to their budget, tastes, and interests.

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Graduation Gown

Know How to Get Wrinkles Out of Graduation Gown: With the arrival of graduations, it is vital to have everything perfectly planned and organized for the moment of the celebration, which includes having your clothes perfectly impeccable and ironed: ironing will never go out of style!

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Graduation Gown

To make your life easier and look spectacular, we share some tips:

1. Make sure you check and understand the label

It is very important to follow the clothing care instructions when ironing, especially in gala outfits that use sensitive fabrics; some points that you should check are the temperature of the iron, if it needs steam or if the garment requires some special care.

2. Check the soleplate of your iron

There is never a lack of someone in the family who has accidentally removed wax or ironed some gum and left residue on the iron to avoid accidents. We recommend a deep cleaning before starting. *Remember that you must be very careful to avoid burns when removing the anti-limescale rod.

3. Iron in the right place

there are people who iron on the bed or in unusual places like a table, but it is best to use an ironing board and check that it does not wobble to avoid creating wrinkles while ironing.

4. Adjust the temperature

It is very important that you set the temperature according to the fabric of your dress.

Suppose you take your first steps in ironing and do not master the temperatures. In that case, Smart Protect is the perfect iron for you since it has the preset temperature and amount of steam, so you can iron any type of garment without burning the fabric.

If you have an Ultraglide adjust to the temperature indicated on your garment, remember that higher temperatures do not always achieve perfect ironing. It is important to remember that the additional steam button is not to be pressed every time; our irons deliver the perfect amount of steam; this button is included for difficult creases.

5. Iron inside out

this is a great tip for very delicate and thin fabrics such as natural and synthetic silk, to avoid burning them or making them shiny with heat, as the temperature will drop directly on the back of the dress and unless it is a double-sided dress, your garment will always be intact.

6. Allow your garment to cool down before getting dressed

Perhaps this is the best advice we can give you, iron well in advance and let the fabric cool down to prevent further wrinkles.

This is a great day to celebrate, so take your time when ironing, you deserve to look impeccable for this great day.