Can You Shower After Laser Hair Removal?

Can You Shower After Laser Hair Removal? However, you are undergoing a laser hair removal treatment to remove hair and improve your skin. In that case, there is a series of care that you can follow after your session that will help you achieve an effective laser treatment and keep your skin more hydrated and soft. Do you want to know what they are? Keep reading because we tell you all in this post!

Why is Care After Laser Hair Removal Important?

Can You Shower After Laser Hair Remova
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Far beyond wanting to improve the appearance of the skin, care after laser hair removal is very important to improve treatment results and keep our skin healthy. In general, there are three points that we must take into account when applying this care:

1. Avoid skin irritation

If we follow the advice of our technician for care after laser hair removal, we will be avoiding, to a great extent, the skin irritation that the laser can cause in the first days after its application.

2. Increase hydration

After laser hair removal, the skin can be somewhat dry, so we must take care of it to provide it with extra hydration. Thus, we will prevent it from cracking and adopting a rough touch, drying out excessively, and causing conditions such as eczema. And what is the best post-laser hydration method? Our loyal customers already know that we are big fans of Aloe Vera, as we will tell you below.

3. Improve results

We correctly apply this care after laser hair removal. In that case, we will be following the correct path to improve the results of the treatment, accelerating hair loss and preventing it from coming out again, leaving our skin much smoother.

Can You Shower After Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is becoming increasingly trendy since it provides a permanent solution to body hair. The procedure isn’t too complicated, and it’s fairly quick. A lot of people wonder if it’s alright to shower after laser hair removal – the answer is yes!

You can lead a normal life through physical exercise, showering, and washing the treated area. However, it should be done gently and carefully so as not to increase the inflammation and redness that occurs due to the treatment. Avoid going to the sauna or very hot water in the bathroom until after 24 hours.

What Not to Do After Laser Hair Removal?

Although these tips are vague so that your skin looks almost perfect, you should take them into account after your laser hair removal session. Thus, you will achieve good results in terms of hair disappearance.

Care after laser hair removal that you should also take into account:

  • Avoid wearing tight clothing or clothing that could fade
  • Do not apply heat (such as hot water) to your skin right after your session
  • Do not use cosmetics that contain alcohol 
  • Do not play sports after your session.
  • Do not wear makeup right after the session.
  • Do not apply deodorant after the session.

In short, as we said, although perfect skin does not exist, you can take care of yours to make it look healthy, soft, and, most importantly, feel comfortable with it. 

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