Keke Palmer Revealed Baby Bump on her SNL Monologue

Congratulations to this woman.

Why? Because Keke Palmer is pregnant with her first baby. The actress shared the news while she was hosting Saturday Night Live on December 3. During her opening monologue, Keke addressed speculation that she is pregnant before opening her jacket to reveal her baby bump.


Keke went on to share that she’s “so excited” to become a mom, saying it’s the “biggest blessing.”

Ahead of her exciting announcement, the 29-year-old opened up about entering a new chapter in her life and what her future would look like.

In addition to “pouring more into myself and saying not much more,” the non-actress reflected on the past year, telling Glamour, “My 28th year has been very insightful and empowering for me to step into my autonomy in an even crazier way than ever before.”. I feel like when God gives you gifts, you want to make sure you do what you have to do with them. Do what you’re supposed to do.”

As for what he’s supposed to do now? “A big part of that is taking responsibility for myself and protecting and loving myself,” she said. “Get into that stronger personality and watch me.”

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