How to Watch TV Azteca 7 Live FIFA Qatar World Cup 2022

How to Watch TV Azteca 7 Live FIFA Qatar World Cup: How to watch TV Azteca, Canal Azteca 7, Azteca Deportes and Box Azteca for Mexico live online on the Internet? The international signal is characterized by providing a program full of current information, where breaking news and sports entertainment stand out. Also, here we show you where to follow your favorite shows live. Remember that the brand in question will broadcast the Qatar World Cup 2022 and the free matches of the Mexican team.

TV Azteca 7 Live FIFA Qatar World

Check here all the complete schedule of matches and schedules that will be played in the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

How to Watch TV Azteca and Open TV Live Qatar 2022 World Cup

Qatar vs EcuadorAztec 7 and The Stars10:00NOVEMBER 20
Argentina vs Saudi ArabiaAzteca 7 and Channel 54:00NOVEMBER 22TH
Denmark vs TunisiaAzteca 7 and Channel 57:00NOVEMBER 22TH
Mexico vs PolandAztec 7 and The Stars10:00NOVEMBER 22TH
Belgium vs CanadaAzteca 7 and Channel 513:00NOVEMBER 23
Uruguay vs South KoreaAzteca 7 and Channel 57:00NOVEMBER 24
Portugal vs GhanaAzteca 7 and Channel 510:00NOVEMBER 24
Brazil vs SerbiaAztec 7 and The Stars13:00NOVEMBER 24
Holland vs EcuadorAzteca 7 and Channel 510:00NOVEMBER 25
england vs usaAzteca 7 and Channel 513:00NOVEMBER 25
Argentina vs. MexicoAztec 7 and The Stars13:00NOVEMBER 26
Belgium vs MoroccoAzteca 7 and Channel 57:00NOVEMBER 27
Croatia vs CanadaAzteca 7 and Channel 510:00NOVEMBER 27
Spain vs GermanyAztec 7 and The Stars13:00NOVEMBER 27
South Korea vs GhanaAzteca 7 and Channel 57:00NOVEMBER 28
Portugal vs. UruguayAzteca 7 and Channel 513:00NOVEMBER 28
Netherlands vs QatarAzteca 7 and Channel 59 o’clockNOVEMBER 29TH
Iran vs USAAzteca 7 and Channel 513:00NOVEMBER 29TH
Australia vs DenmarkAzteca 7 and Channel 59 o’clockNOVEMBER 30
Saudi Arabia vs MexicoAztec 7 and The Stars13:00NOVEMBER 30
Japan vs SpainAzteca 7 and Channel 513:00DECEMBER 1ST
South Korea vs. PortugalAzteca 7 and Channel 59 o’clockDECEMBER 2
Cameroon vs BrazilAztec 7 and The Stars13:00DECEMBER 2
1C vs. 2DAztec 7 and The StarsTo defineDECEMBER 3 – EIGHTH FINAL
1D vs. 2CAztec 7 and The StarsTo defineDECEMBER 4 – EIGHTH FINAL
1G vs 2HAztec 7 and The StarsTo defineDECEMBER 5 – EIGHTH FINAL
1F vs. 2EAztec 7 and The StarsTo defineDECEMBER 6 – EIGHTH FINAL
To defineAztec 7 and The Stars13:00DECEMBER 9 – QUARTER-FINAL
To defineAztec 7 and The Stars13:00DECEMBER 10 – QUARTER-FINAL
To defineAztec 7 and The Stars13:00DECEMBER 13 – SEMI-FINAL
To defineAztec 7 and The Stars13:00DECEMBER 14 – SEMI-FINAL
To defineAztec 7 and The Stars9 o’clockDECEMBER 18 – FINAL

What platform does TV Azteca have live?

Azteca Now is the new streaming platform of TV Azteca. This application can be downloaded for free through your mobile devices, tablet or television via Android and iOS. It should be noted that this bet tries to compete with big brands such as Disney+, Netflix, among others.

How to Watch Azteca 7 on Television?

Since 2016, TV Azteca changed its frequency and is now tuned to channel 1.1 nationwide, leading to the disappearance of channel 13. TV Azteca signals are broadcast on channels 1.1 for Azteca Trece, 7.1 Azteca 7 and Channel 40 is seen on 1.2 nationwide.

What’s in Azteca 7? TV programming

Learn about the Azteca 7 programming here.

What people say – New season
one day to live
crime lottery
Sesame Street: Abby and the Magic School
Let’s go Pocoyo
My little pony: friendship is magic
Power Rangers: Dino Fury
center pop
Aztec Box
aztec fight

How to Download TV Azteca?

With the TV Azteca live application you will not lose any detail of everything that happens in each of the programs that is on the weekly calendar. Check in the two mobile systems (Android and Appstore) how to download the television platform.

How to watch Open TV channels in Mexico?

  • From your TV remote, look for the Menu button .
  • Go into the settings of your television.
  • Look for an option that says Tune channels .
  • By choosing this option, your television will automatically search for open TV channels that have a signal in your area. This will take a few minutes and then you can choose your favorite program.

Open TV channels in Mexico by State

aguascalientesAztec One, Nine Aguascalientes
lower californiaAztec One, Chain 45
Baja California SurAzteca uno, Cadena 45, TV Mar, Channel 8 (State Government)
campecheNine Campeche, TRC (Campeche Government)
ChiapasAzteca one, Canal Diez Chiapas (Chiapas Government)
ChihuahuaAzteca Uno, Nueve Chihuahua, Channel 44, Channel 28.1, Televisa Juárez, UACJ.TV
Mexico CityCapital 21 and Congress TV (CDMX Government)
CoahuilaAzteca Uno, RCG Cd. Acuña, channel 6 Multimedios, Nueve Piedras Negras, Super Channel 12, 15tv, Coahuila Television (Government of Coahuila), Nueve Saltillo, Tele Saltillo, Nueve Laguna.
ColimaChannel 12 (Colima Government), Azteca one
DurangoChannel 15, Nine Durango, UAD TV, TV UJED, Channel twelve, 10 HD
Guanajuatotvcuatro, TV4 Media, TV4 Express (Guanajuato Government), Express TV, Bajío TV, Channel 13
WarriorAzteca One, Nine Acapulco, RTG (Guerrero Government)
GentlemanHidalgo television (Hidalgo Government)
JaliscoChannel 44, 44 News, Jalisco TV and Parliament Channel (Jalisco Government), Quiero TV, 4 XHG, More Vision, La Octava, TV Mar
Mexico stateMexiquense TV and AMX News (EdoMex Government), Azteca uno
MichoacanSM Television (Michoacán Government), TV MarMor, Multimedia
MorelosThe Morelos Canal (Morelos Government), Azteca One, Nueve Morelos
Nayarit8NTV, 10TV Nayarit (Nayarit Government), Azteca Uno, XHKG TV Nayarit
New LionRTV Nuevo León (Nuevo León Government), Channel 4 Televisa Mty, Channel 6, Multimedios, Channel 8 Televisa Mty
oaxacaCORTV (Oaxaca Government), Nine Oaxaca
PueblaTV BUAP, Azteca uno, SET Televisión and Puebla TV (Puebla Government), Televisa Puebla
QueretaroTvUAQ, RTQ (Querétaro Government), Nine Querétaro, Azteca one
Quintana RooNine Quintana Roo, Azteca one, SQCS Television (Government QRoo.), SIPSE TVCUN, Channel 6
San Luis PotosiTelevalles, Azteca one, Channel 13, Nine San Luis
sinaloaLince Antenna, TVP Culiacán, TVP Mazatlán, Azteca one.
sonorousTelemax (Sonora Government), TVP Yaqui, Televisa Sonora, UNISON TV, 8.1 Nogales
TabascoTVT, Channel 6, TV UJAT
TamaulipasNine Cd. Victoria, Vallevisión, XEFE L Family Image, Teelvisa Nuevo Laredo, Channel 4 Televisa del Golfo, Channel 10.1, City Channel
TlaxcalaTlaxcala television (Tlaxcala Government)
veracruzTV Más (Veracruz Government), Channel 13,
YucatanChannel 13, Tele Yucatan, Nine Yucatan
zacatecasNine Zacatecas, B15, NTR TV, SIZART Channel 24 and eleven girls and boys (Zacatecas Government), TeleZer

How to add open TV channels to Roku?

In order to add open TV channels to Roku, do the following:

  1. Connect your open TV antenna to the back of your TV
  2. Enter the menu and choose Settings
  3. Choose TV tickets
  4. Choose Antenna or Live TV
  5. Press Set input and then Search channels
  6. Wait for the channel scan to finish
  7. After searching for the open TV channels, the cable channels will be searched, if you prefer, skip this option.
  8. To finish press Done

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