Ivanka Trump Will Not Participate in Her Father’s Presidential Campaign for 2024

“I do not plan to get involved in politics”: Ivanka Trump announces that she will not participate in her father’s presidential campaign.

Ivanka Trump

In a message posted on her Instagram account, the ex-president’s daughter ruled out returning to politics and pointed out that, on this occasion, her private life is a priority.

She was one of the notable absentees from Trump’s “important announcement” on Tuesday.

Ivanka Trump, the daughter of the former president who served as a counselor during his time in the White House, announced on Instagram that she will not participate in her father’s 2024 presidential campaign.

“On this occasion, I choose to prioritize my little children and the private life that we are creating as a family,” the message reads.

This Wednesday, he also released a link to a FoxNews story, a chain to which he sent a more extensive statement.

“I do not plan to get involved in politics,” Ivanka maintains in her message. “While I will always love and support my father, I will do so outside of the political arena.” She added that she was proud of “the many accomplishments” achieved during the Trump administration.

The former president’s daughter did not attend the event in which the former president announced that he would seek the Republican nomination for the 2024 presidential elections. Her husband, Jared Kushner – who also served as an adviser in the Trump White House – was present.

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