The new Candy Crush Marketing strategy: 500 drones flying over the sky

Candy Crush Marketing strategy:

  • They will use 500 drones for a programmed choreography with LED lights in the sky
  • Thanks to advances in technology, new uses for drones are increasingly being found.

Drones can be used for many functions, for example, surveillance, content recording, or simply for user entertainment. The evolution of these unmanned aerial vehicles has allowed them to be improved for all these facets and has even allowed them to be applied to new ones, such as advertising in the sky.

Candy Crush Marketing strategy

And one of these new formats in which drones can be used will be seen first-hand by the citizens of New York with the new advertising strategy of the extremely popular Candy Crush smartphone game.

Candy Crush Marketing

As Gothamist has learned, the marketing team of this video game has decided to carry out an announcement different from all those they have made before, since in this one, they will use 500 drones that fly over the sky.

These drones will be controlled to do a kind of choreography that mimics the experience of using a smartphone with the use of LED lights. Each of the drones will use colored lights and move with programmed movements to promote Candy Crush.

It has happened before that drones have been used for something similar since it is increasingly common to see these devices take to the skies for different events. For example, some companies use hundreds of drones to replace fireworks (due to the noise pollution they produce and the negative effects they have on people and animals), and others, like Candy Crush, use drones to promote themselves.

Although the news of this announcement with drones over the sky of Manhattan has not pleased everyone, and part of the citizenry has some complaints about it. Some think that this choreography of LED lights is very negative for animals. For example, city birds with so many lights can become disoriented and crash into a building.

While others are concerned that this type of advertising will become a trend and that every day the sky will be filled with colored drones advertising different products in a space that belongs to everyone.

Although this problem will soon have a solution since, as Senator Brad Hoylman has confirmed, the New York authorities are already working on new legislation that covers what a drone can and cannot do over the city sky.

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