Roborock T8 Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner – (Self cleaning)

Roborock T8 Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner:  Xiaomi’s ecological chain partner Roborock has launched a new robotic vacuum cleaner Roborock T8 Plus with more powerful suction power. The Roborock T8 Plus robot vacuum cleaner is an upgraded version of the Roborock T8 that was launched in March this year. Let us know in detail about this new robot vacuum.

Roborock T8 Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Price and Variants

Roborock T8 Plus Series is available in two variants Roborock T8 Plus and Roborock T8 Plus Smart Dust Collection. The price of the Roborock T8 Plus is 2,799 Yuan, and the price of the Roborock T8 Plus Smart Dust Collection is 3,598 Yuan.

Roborock T8 Plus

The biggest highlight of the Roborock T8 Plus is that it has a high suction power of 5100Pa. It gets a man brush and adjustable speed side brush which can easily clean ground dust, floor gap dust, carpet dust etc. TPU soft rubber material omnidirectional floating glue brush has been used in Roborock T8 Plus. The brush has 5 long and 5 short strands that work for air pressure and dust removal. It can easily remove hair from carpets, etc. It does not get stuck.

The Roborock T8 Plus features a large 2.5L dust bag and can automatically collect dust with a robot vacuum for up to 60 days without removing it. The dust bag is equipped with a sliding dust bag mouth sealing design to prevent the spread of dust and ash. Sonic vibration and constant humidity mopping have been given in Roborock T8 Plus. It gets a liftable pallet and a sonic vibration mopping module. The high-frequency vibration design of the motor up to 3000 RPM can remove the dirt on the ground.

The vacuum cleaner also has a flat vibrating mop that has antibacterial ingredients. In particular, the Roborock T8 Plus’s electronically controlled water tank can be used for constant-humidity wiping and cleaning the entire floor. This robotic cleaner features a Light Active Ranging and non-stop working system that reaches up to millimeter-level 3D structured light ranges. With the help of infrared light, the robot sees obstacles and works even in the dark. The mapping speed is also increased up to 6 times by upgrading to RR mason 9.0 software.