What You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Your Oven – Thermador Told You

We have to admit that many of our appliances are underutilized and ovens, more so when it comes to ovens. That’s why Thermador has set out to give some virtues that its convection and steam ovens can do without you knowing it.

“But what could my oven do that it hasn’t already done?” You may wonder. Well, it turns out that the Thermador Masterpiece®MES301HS oven, thanks to its combination of steam and convection cooking, can give professional finishes to not only dishes such as turkey or Christmas suckling pig, but also thanks to its 40 Easy Cook® food programs and pre-programmed modes that automatically set the temperature and humidity of the oven, according to what is going to be cooked, guarantee perfect cooking results for cakes, pizzas and even the very delicate roast beef. So far, everything is as expected, right?

Photo of Girl Baking Cookies

But what if we told you that you would be able to make bread or pizza in less time because this oven can speed up the dough rising process, and furthermore, it can even help you make that yogurt whose recipe you inherited from your grandmother would you believe us? Well, even if you don’t believe us, here we share some uses that you can give to the Masterpiece®MES301HS oven that you didn’t know.

1. Perfect Hard-boiled Eggs

Grandmothers only know the correct time for hard-boiled or poached eggs. These were perfectly timed despite not using any clocks or other modern implements. Well, the Masterpiece®MES301HS oven will allow you to make any of the two dishes because, being a steam oven, the first thing you will dispense with is hot water, since this option and the friendly programming it has will free you from headaches.  

2. Baked Yogurt

Use the Proof Mode that allows you to use milk and steam to make granny’s strawberry yogurt recipe. After the oven does its job, store it in the refrigerator overnight. And the next day, voila! You will surprise your family with creamy yogurt for breakfast or snacks.

3. Bread or Pizza in Record Time

All recipes for the preparation of bread or pizza dough ask that after kneading well, the dough is left to rest so that it can grow. Well, the wait is no longer necessary. The Masterpiece® MES301HS oven allows you to double your dough in record time.

You just place the dough in the steam oven, select Proof mode, and the dough will rise in half the time the recipe calls for. Isn’t that wonderful news?

4. Dream Meatballs

The Masterpiece® MES301HSis the best culinary tool you can have in the house. Why? Well, because it is a steam and convection oven that offers kitchen lovers three cooking options: steam, true convection and steam and convection.

The steam and convection mode, for example, prevents meatballs from squashing or sticking to the pan; it also makes them cook in their juice. This is great news for those who love to incorporate them into spaghetti sauce.