The 10 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read Before Starting

The 10 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read Before Starting Their Business: Authors such as Tim Ferris, Daymond John and Phil Knight are part of the list compiled by the course platform.

The 10 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read Before Starting Their Business

Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

For many, and especially entrepreneurs, books are the gateway to the world of business. However, the number of titles on the market can be overwhelming, which is why the online education platform created a list of must-sees for those who want to learn basic notions about finance, entrepreneurship, and administration.

1. ‘Start with Why’: by Simon SinekĀ 


For Simon Sinek, the most important thing is not what is done, how and why it is done. Therefore, the author offers a guide for entrepreneurs to learn to ask the right questions, to consolidate an inspiring, innovative company with the right team.

2. ‘The Power of Habit’: by Charles Duhigg


The author explains, scientifically, how habits are created and how they condition people’s lives and behavior. He is a guide to understanding human nature, which is the basis for dominating any market with a business idea.

3. ‘The Personal MBA’: by Josh Kaufman


For Josh Kaufman, the training of the great business schools does not cover all the elements and tools that entrepreneurs need to set up a company; therefore, through his personal experience as a company founder, he explains basic notions for business management.

4. ‘Shoe Dog’ by Phil Knight


This is a real-life success story, the autobiography of the founder of Nike, which tells how the company was born and the risks and challenges it had in its early years until it became one of the most recognized and valuable brands in the world.

5. ‘Designing Your Work Life‘ by Bill Burnett & Dave Evans


The authors explain what the Design Thinking methodology consists of and how to apply it to redefine the perspective of work, which leads to a positive environment and greater well-being and better business results.

6. ‘Tools Of Titans‘ by Tim Ferris


Tim Ferris, who conducted more than 200 in-depth interviews on his podcast, The Tim Ferris Show, offers a compilation of tips, routines, exercises, and tactics that successful and recognized people exposed in two years of work.

7. ‘Company Of One’ by Paul Jarvis

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The author questions the idea that every successful company is one that quickly scales its business and explains the advantages of staying small so that companies can function without being involved in the tedious processes associated with large size.

8. ‘Deep Work’ by Cal Newport


Although ‘multitasking’ can be a virtue in today’s world, Cal Newport argues that it is important to focus on one task at a time to avoid distractions in an increasingly competitive world and be less tolerant of error.

9. ‘The Power of Broke’ by Daymond John


Through his personal experience scaling his business, Daymond John explains why starting a business doesn’t require a big budget. In fact, he argues that limited resources can be one of an entrepreneur’s greatest competitive advantages.

10. Grinding It Out: The Making of McDonald’s by Ray Kroc

It tells the story of the person behind McDonald’s and how he managed to revolutionize the fast-food restaurant market to become the global franchise it is today.