LIVE: 13th Day of Russia Ukraine War 8 March LIVE Updates

It is the 13th day of the war in Ukraine. And it will obviously not be the last: the talks between Russia and Ukraine that took place the day before led only to clarifying the “technical details” of the organization of humanitarian corridors, which have not yet been launched.

13th Day of Russia Ukraine War LIVE

13th Day of Russia Ukraine War LIVE

The International Criminal Tribunal began its work in The Hague, which considers Ukraine’s complaint against Russia. Meanwhile, the shelling of Sumy and Zhytomyr continued at night. Moldova continues to accept more and more refugees. About what is happening in Ukraine and around it – in the EarlyinTime broadcast.

The broadcast is constantly updated. Please update the page periodically.

  • Zelensky was awarded the highest state award of the Czech Republic

    On March 7, Czech President Milos Zeman announced the decision to award the Order of the White Lion (the highest state award) to Vladimir Zelensky.

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    “The President of Ukraine showed courage and courage. The United States offered him evacuation, but he refused and remained in the capital to lead the defense of his country,” Zeman said at the state awards ceremony.

    Zeman called on his compatriots to help Ukrainians, including those who arrived in the Czech Republic as refugees.

    “Not far from our borders, a war is raging caused by Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. Now it is important to think about the Ukrainian people,” Zeman added.

    The Czech president was known for his pro-Russian stance and support for Vladimir Putin. He changed his rhetoric after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, calling Putin crazy. The sanctions imposed by the Czech Republic against Russia have become one of the toughest.

    • The Order of the “White Lion” was established in 1922 to reward foreign citizens, prominent political and public figures, for services to the Czechoslovak state.
    • On March 7, a solemn ceremony of raising the flag of Ukraine was held in the courtyard of the Prague Castle, which the guard of honor held. It was accompanied by the performance of the Czech and Ukrainian hymns.


  • In Nikolaev area there were 11 fires, 8 are in the residential sector!

    In the Nikolaev area, there were 11 fires because of attacks. Of these, 8 are in the residential sector.

    This is reported by the Ukrainian Emergency Service, summing up the previous day’s results. According to preliminary data, 4 civilians were killed.

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    Emergency Service of Ukraine


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    Emergency Service of Ukraine


    Emergency Service of Ukraine


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