How to Get Wrinkles Out of Graduation Gown

Know How to Get Wrinkles Out of Graduation Gown: With the arrival of graduations, it is vital to have everything perfectly planned and organized for the moment of the celebration, which includes having your clothes perfectly impeccable and ironed: ironing will never go out of style!

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Graduation Gown

To make your life easier and look spectacular, we share some tips:

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Graduation Gown

1. Make sure you check and understand the label

It is very important to follow the clothing care instructions when ironing, especially in gala outfits that use sensitive fabrics; some points that you should check are the temperature of the iron, if it needs steam or if the garment requires some special care.

2. Check the soleplate of your iron

There is never a lack of someone in the family who has accidentally removed wax or ironed some gum and left residue on the iron to avoid accidents. We recommend a deep cleaning before starting. *Remember that you must be very careful to avoid burns when removing the anti-limescale rod.

3. Iron in the right place

there are people who iron on the bed or in unusual places like a table, but it is best to use an ironing board and check that it does not wobble to avoid creating wrinkles while ironing.

4. Adjust the temperature

It is very important that you set the temperature according to the fabric of your dress.

Suppose you take your first steps in ironing and do not master the temperatures. In that case, Smart Protect is the perfect iron for you since it has the preset temperature and amount of steam, so you can iron any type of garment without burning the fabric.

If you have an Ultraglide adjust to the temperature indicated on your garment, remember that higher temperatures do not always achieve perfect ironing. It is important to remember that the additional steam button is not to be pressed every time; our irons deliver the perfect amount of steam; this button is included for difficult creases.

5. Iron inside out

this is a great tip for very delicate and thin fabrics such as natural and synthetic silk, to avoid burning them or making them shiny with heat, as the temperature will drop directly on the back of the dress and unless it is a double-sided dress, your garment will always be intact.

6. Allow your garment to cool down before getting dressed

Perhaps this is the best advice we can give you, iron well in advance and let the fabric cool down to prevent further wrinkles.

This is a great day to celebrate, so take your time when ironing, you deserve to look impeccable for this great day.