How to Avoid Buying a Stolen Car in the USA?

How to Avoid Buying a Stolen Car in the USA? Buying a car can be a real journey if you do not have the necessary advice and knowledge. It is quite common to have doubts, especially if it will be your first purchase. If this is your case, continue reading, since we will cover everything about how to know if a car is stolen, and thus avoid buying it in the USA. That way, you will avoid scams and have bad times.

This type of problem happens more often when it comes to buying second-hand cars. That is, through a third party who has previously owned the car. In addition to the fact that they could be stolen, there is also the possibility that they could be in trouble with the law of any kind. How to recognize them? It is time to take into account our tips and techniques.

How to Avoid Buying a Stolen Car in the USA

One of the crucial moments to differentiate if a car is genuinely clean or not is when you meet the seller. There are ways to know the history of the car’s owners. One of them is through the Vehicle Identification Number or VIN.

Avoid Buying a Stolen Car in the USA

In most stolen cars, the VIN is modified and does not correspond to the original. Therefore, you can inspect the car and check the registered number online and the one with the vehicle printed on its doors or dashboard. There are many web platforms where you can check for free, so there is no need to worry!

You can avoid buying a stolen car by checking the VIN and license plate

Remember that if you buy the car without realizing it’s stolen, you’re likely to get in trouble with the law. It is best to prevent by carrying out a preliminary investigation, and once you see that everything is fine, proceed with the purchase.

Also, consider that you must verify that all documentation is in accordance with what is required by law. Have a valid license, and register the title of the vehicle once the transfer has occurred. If the purchase goes through and you don’t have a license, then consider taking the appropriate exam in your state.

In these cases, many people tend to ignore that the DMV is very strict about checking documents, including the car title. If it is your first purchase and you need to renew your license, try to prepare yourself in the theoretical part with an online test very similar to the one issued by the DMV.

DMV offers a set of requirements that vary from state to state, including:

  • Social Security number.
  • Valid identity document.
  • Proof of residence with at least 6 months of being issued (although the months vary by state).
  • Have satisfactorily passed a practical driving test and the theoretical exam required by the DMV.

Once you have verified the VIN and fulfilled the requirements of the DMV, your purchase will be a much more satisfying process. It should be noted that if you happen to be unable to check the VIN, then you can resort to researching the vehicle’s history.

Car through its license plate. There is always a solution!