adidas Runtastic App Review

adidas Runtastic Review: Well, quarantines, parasites, and TV watchers! With just 2 weeks left until your self-isolation ends, it’s time to pick a new pair of running shoes and decide on your beginner’s running app!

adidas Runtastic Review

I present to you today a walking app for weight loss or running app from Adidas, the third in my selection of running programs.

adidas Runtastic

What is required?

I recommend running shoes, and knee replacements are expensive and painful these days. It would also be nice to have running gear that won’t chafe, get wet, and keep you cool. The Adidas brand has good things, but not ideal, and it seems to me that things in a sporty style are better for them.

About application

The application traditionally consists of five tabs:

1. News

There are publications from the Adidas community of runners and athletes (half also in English), your workouts.

2. Community

A tab that is not entirely clear to me could be combined with the news. Challenges and off-line running are published there. Plus there you can find your friends or a group of runners nearby.

3. Training

Loaded by default, the start of the run is available from this page. Distance, calories, and average pace are counted; differences are not counted.

4. Progress

Well, it’s clear, your statistics are collected, filling it in, you can be more proud of yourself and more motivated. Also, here you can find paid and free running programs that will tell you that it is harmful not to do anything.

5. Profile

Here are your settings, your sneakers (by the way, this is convenient, you can easily understand when it’s time to change a pair, that it has passed the prescribed mileage), and premium. Well, suddenly you have nowhere to put your money.

Pros and cons

The application loads quite briskly; it has everything you need to start running: quick start, synchronization with other Adidas sports applications, community.

But for some reason, my runs are not saved in the application; although they are in “Health,” the small print does not etch me, the application does not work on the treadmill, and does not sync with my smartwatch.

About personal assessment

I don’t know how to write it correctly, but this app is killing my motivation because of the small print! After running, I can’t focus my gaze and understand how much I ran there, how many calories I spent, and so on; I can’t see it stupidly. Well, my soul does not lie for such a design; I am uncomfortable.


The program is really good, quite intuitive, with a lot of Nike Running Club veneer, but that doesn’t make it much worse. If you are impressed by this design, then this is only a plus to your motivation.

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