The 5 Countries Where It Is Forbidden to Celebrate Christmas

Countries Where Doesn’t Celebrate Christmas. who doesn’t celebrate Christmas? celebrating the birth of Jesus can cost your citizens harsh penalties.

Less than a week is left until Christmas Eve and Christmas. Undoubtedly, one of the most anticipated times by many people, since it is time for vacations, to be with the family, and to receive gifts.

Countries Where It Is Forbidden to Celebrate Christmas

However, there are some countries where the celebration of Christmas is prohibited, and celebrating it publicly or privately in some cases, can lead to jail or death in the most extreme cases.

Where It Is Forbidden to Celebrate Christmas

1. North Korea

The Asian country ruled with an iron fist by the Kim dynasty is one of the most hostile places in the world in general, and Christmas is not a separate case. This holiday has not been celebrated in the country since the dynasty began to crack down on religious freedom in 1948. However, the North Korean constitution allows freedom of religion, any religious celebration by a citizen or group of people in practice. People are at risk of imprisonment or harsher penalties.

The country’s isolation is such that many citizens do not know who Jesus is or what is celebrated at Christmas. For this reason, some US media have dubbed Kim Jong Un “the Grinch who stole Christmas.”

2. Somalia

It is a country located in the ‘horn’ of Africa in which the majority religion is Islam. Its internal conflicts have made many of its citizens have had to emigrate to Western countries. That is why when they returned to their country, they have imported traditions such as Christmas.

The authorities consider the westernization of the country unacceptable. Therefore, in 2009, they adopted Sharia (Muslim law) as the state religion. In 2015 they determined that any foreign celebration is prohibited in Somali territory.

Sheikh Mohamed Khayrow stated that year: “All events related to the Christmas and New Year celebrations are contrary to Islamic culture, which could damage the faith of the Muslim community .”

Somalia is a country with great social tensions. EFE

3. Tajikistan

It is located in Central Asia, borders Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and China, and its population is also predominantly Muslim.

Although the government defines itself as secular, the truth is that since its separation from the USSR in 1991, the country has been led by Emomali Rahmon. The president has banned all holidays that have to do with Christmas and the New Year.

4. Brunei

This small country of just 5,000 square kilometers located on the island of Borneo is famous for its beaches, its imposing Jame’Asr Hassanil Mosque, and its Sultan. But it is also a hostile place for Christians.

In 2014, the state authorities imposed a ban imposing five years in prison for people who celebrate Christmas in Bruneian territory. “Using religious symbols such as crosses, lighting candles, putting Christmas trees, singing religious songs, sending Christmas greetings is against the Islamic faith,” reported the ‘Aljazeera’ chain that year.

Hassanal Bolkiah, Sultan of Brunei since 1967. Archive

5. China

In the most populated country in the world, celebrating the birth of Jesus is considered an offense to ancient traditions. Doing so can be punished with arrests and fines. In 2018, the authorities of the Asian giant ordered that its citizens must promote Chinese culture and traditions and not Western celebrations such as Christmas.

In some cities, such as Langfang, businesses selling Christmas items have been banned.