(VIDEO) A ‘tiktoker’ prisoner goes viral when he publishes several videos from jail

An inmate at the Aranjuez penitentiary in Madrid has gone viral after publishing a video of the menu offered to him in prison where he is serving a sentence. Daniel Dalton, as the prisoner is called, has rekindled the debate on cell phone trafficking in prison.

A ‘TikToker’ prisoner goes viral when he publishes several videos from jail

In Spain, introducing electronic devices into prisons is prohibited. In fact, according to the regulations, having a mobile phone during the prison sentence implies the deprivation of exit permits for two months, limitation of oral communications for one month, and deprivation of walks and common recreational events from three days to at least one month.
However, there are those who skip the regulations and have decided not only to introduce a mobile phone but to become a professional tiktoker in prison. This is Daniel Dalton, a prisoner who is being held for drug trafficking in module I of the Aranjuez penitentiary.
@dalton_danielo⛓💯😂♬ sonido original – dalton daniel

In one of the videos posted, which already has more than 20,000 likes, the prisoner shows the food tray from the dining room to complain about the menu based on lentils and a “tempered” steak. In total, there are 29 videos uploaded from the account and in the first of them the protagonist is already seen inside his cell, so it is implied that the account was created once inside when he was serving his sentence.
In addition, Dalton does not pretend to hide his whereabouts. In many of the recordings, he adds the hashtag # prison and makes mention of the word “freedom”. In fact, on August 6, he himself published a photo on Instagram accompanied by the following phrase: ” In prison and in illness, friendship is known . “
As Sputnik has been able to confirm with prison sources, inmates of Spanish prisons have the right to receive two packages per month, except for first degrees, which can only receive one. In one of them, it could go inside the terminal. The most common ways to introduce them are through packages through vis-a-vis relatives or through food providers of companies that supply cans of canning and even drones. In the case of drones, the mobile is hung up and dropped at night in the courtyard. In recent months, several dozen mobile phones have been seized in prisons.
In Spain, despite the fact that it is forbidden to have mobile phones in prison, 24,467 phones have been seized from the year 2000 to April 2021. In the case of Dalton, it is not yet known if their terminal has been seized, everything seems to indicate that no, because the last video was published on December 9, when his video showing the food had already gone viral. Dalton now faces an activity restriction penalty for at least one month for such violations.