5 Possible Reason for Leaving Current Job – (BEST ANSWER!)

Reason for Leaving Current Job Best Answer: Facing a job interview is, in short, one of the most important points in any personnel selection process because, in addition to allowing all candidates to be analyzed, it will also serve to determine if they are suitable for the position, that is, to decide to hire.

Reason for Leaving Current Job Best Answer

And although not all job interviews are the same, there are questions that tend to be repeated with some frequency and whose answers can be rehearsed or prepared in advance so that the meeting with the recruiter has good results for the applicant.

“During a job interview, the recruiter can ask us various questions about our professional experience, such as, for example, motivation for the new role, but it could also ask us some questions that could make us uncomfortable if we are not prepared to answer them. “

Reason for Leaving Current Job Best Answer

Precisely, the question “why did you leave your previous job?” “why do you want to quit your current job?” is one of them, and as indicated in Michael Page, candidates should use this question “as an opportunity to reinforce why you want to work in the company. ”

And to be successful when faced with this question, candidates should – according to the recruiter’s advice – explain their intention to take on great challenges and the way in which the company that wishes to recruit them would give them a good opportunity to achieve new goals.

Job interviews are usually a decisive meeting for the selection of the ideal candidate for the position to be filled.

But, it is not the only thing. Faced with which could be considered an uncomfortable question, Alejandra Rojas from the UTP recommends the following:

1. Bear in mind that the recruiter is seeking to understand your motivations to join the company, understanding why you left the previous one. They are also looking to get to know you and what you value in a work context.

2. Since the question could arise to understand certain gaps in time between one job and another, with your answer, the recruiter will seek to know what happened and what you did during these periods, so it is important that you can explain it clearly.

3. The best way to answer this question is, to be honest, and tell the real reasons why you left your previous position, seeking to explain it clearly and concisely.

4. Avoid attacking your previous bosses or making negative comments about the company where you worked. Focus on what motivated you to make the change and what you expect from your new professional challenge.

5. Remember that prior preparation is key to facing a job interview. You can answer any type of question with confidence and be consistent with the professional profile you have and that you want to show.

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