Hydrogen aircraft should be able to half-circle the earth

The FlyZero project is a concept for a hydrogen aircraft that will be able to carry almost 300 people from London to San Francisco without local emissions.

Desk News: Aircraft with hydrogen – instead of kerosene engines, climate-neutral travel should soon be possible. Airbus ZEROe announced at the beginning of 2021 that the company was developing a variety of hydrogen aircraft that should be available for scheduled operations by 2035. Now the British Aerospace Technology Institute has also presented a concept for an aircraft using liquid hydrogen with the FlyZero project.

Hydrogen aircraft

The mid-range aircraft can carry up to 279 passengers. A flight from London to San Francisco should be possible without a stopover. The even longer flight from London to Auckland (New Zealand) would only require a stopover. According to the developers, the aircraft should offer “the same speed and the same comfort as conventional aircraft” without emitting CO2.

Hydrogen tank in the rear fuselage

The liquid hydrogen is stored in a fuel tank in the rear fuselage at -250 degrees Celsius. In addition, two smaller tanks in the front belly of the machine ensure the necessary balance when the tank empties during the flight.

It will take how long it will take until the concept turns into a real product. According to those responsible, more detailed concepts for further aircraft models and a roadmap for the further development of the technology should be available at the beginning of 2022. In addition, the sustainability of the project is still to be assessed.

Alternative to conventional aircraft by 2035

Like Airbus, the institute’s researchers consider hydrogen aircraft realistic to become an economical alternative to conventional aircraft by 2035. How quickly this actually happens also depends on how quickly other sectors switch to hydrogen. The sooner this is available in large quantities, the faster the operating costs of hydrogen aircraft can be reduced.