Actress Posed Naked With Her Son & Now She Has to Go to Jail

Ghana – Actress Akuapem Polo (32) Posed Naked With Her Son now has to go to jail because she published a photo on the network in which she and her son can be seen naked.

Mother Akuapem Poloo Posed Naked With Her Son & Has to Go to Jail

Akuapem Poloo aka Rosemond Brown (32), is serving a three-month prison sentence. © Screenshots Instagram @akuapem_poloo, Twitter @lesomo_sunny.

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The 32-year-old woman, also known by the English name Rosemond Brown, has gotten into a lot of trouble with the Ghanaian judiciary.

To celebrate her son’s 7th birthday, Akuapem Poloo posted a highly regarded picture on social networks in June 2020. You and your child can be seen half-naked on it.

Outraged users reported the photo to the police – and the Ghanaian judiciary accused the actress of domestic violence and the publication of obscene material.

After a long trial, Poloo was sentenced to 90 days in prison, reports the New York Post. When the court order became known, Poloo wrote on Instagram: “My son, I love you, and God is always with you. Be good until Mommy comes back to you. Remember, God, is always in control.”

The single mother received unexpected support from rapper Cardi B (29). She criticized the three-month imprisonment as disproportionate and wrote: “I have seen many Americans who do such photo shoots with their children. I don’t see anything sexual in the picture.”