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Top 5 Anonymous Chat Apps to Chat With Strangers in 2021

The best Anonymous Chat Apps to Chat With Strangers: If you’re feeling bored, looking for someone to chat with, and want to make a new friend, online chat apps and websites are the places you want to be.

These Anonymous Chat Apps to Chat With Strangers allow you to talk to strangers anonymously, and some of them have a video feature which means you can see who you are talking to on the other end.

Anonymous Chat Apps

Normal chat and dating apps can be quite annoying because the person you are talking to has some information about you before you start talking to them.

5 Anonymous Chat Apps to Chat With Strangers

With anonymous chat apps, the person doesn’t know anything about you before talking to you. Some of the apps on this list randomly match you with someone to talk to so that both of you are strangers to each other.

1. Omegle

Omegle is a free website and mobile application that allows you to socialize with strangers without having to register. It is one of the best Anonymous Chat Apps you can use to connect with someone who does not know anything about you. If you find a common interest with someone, you can take it off Omegle and get to know them on a personal level.

To use Omegle, you have to go to the website and click on Text or Video. Choosing text means that you can only speak to them with text, but choosing video will allow you to see the person on the other side.

The best thing about Omegle is that you can filter the type of person you want to match.

One downside of Omegle and any “stranger chat” app is that there are trolls, and they can say some unusual things that could ruin your app experience.

2. Moco: Chat & Meet New People

Moco is another excellent app for chatting with strangers, and the vast majority of this app’s users are genuine compared to other “anonymous chat” apps.

With Moco, you can choose to have a random one-on-one conversation, or you can chat with a random group of people via group chat – you can filter who you want to talk to by adding interests.

If you want your profile to be more personal and you want a stranger to match a face with the one they are talking about, you can add videos and photos to your profile.

You can also play a variety of games with strangers if you’re feeling competitive.

3. Anonymous Chat

Anonymous chat is another alternative and is available on Android. The name of the app says it all, it connects you to someone completely randomly, and they are anonymous.

Anonymous chat is a text-based app, so you can’t see what the other person looks like unless they send you a photo.

You can also set preferences by giving information such as your age and location so that you can only speak to people with common interests.

4. Whisper

Whisper is an application that you can use to interact with strangers and share things with them secretly. You can share a statement, a text, and a question – with this type of communication, you will be able to say a lot about a person.

This app has a filter that allows you to connect with people who have the same interests as you. If you use this application, you can also post and share video messages anonymously.

5. Chatroulette

Chatroulette is an anonymous video chat application that allows you to connect with anyone anywhere in the world. The good thing about this app, which could also be bad, is that there is no way to filter out certain people, which means that you may end up having a conversation with someone you won’t actually talk to.

There is no limit to the type of person you can meet with no filter, but if you don’t like who you are chatting with, you can click the Next button, and Chatroulette will connect you with another person.

The downside of Chatroulette is that people always disconnect the chat, and it can be quite frustrating if you are wanting to have a conversation with someone.


Those are the top anonymous chat apps that you can use to talk to strangers. If you have any questions about any of these Anonymous Chat Apps to Chat With Strangers, comment below, and I will answer them. If you liked this article, share it and subscribe to the electronic newsletter.

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