57 Empowering Women’s Day Status

Happy Women’s Day Status: Every year, every March 8, International Women’s Day is celebrated; thank God the obligation that women had to dedicate themselves to caring for their husbands and raising children was left behind.

Happy Women’s Day Status

Today women, like men, go out to study and then access a job as equal to any man since they are as capable as they are, and we see it in our society. Here we leave you some Women’s Day Status that you can post on Facebook for them.

Women's Day Status

Quotes for women’s day for Whatsapp

  • “Happy Day to all women, today a great event is being celebrated in the world, and we want to remember them by sending this greeting to each one of them and telling them that all men are very proud to have them by our side.”
  • “All women receive a warm greeting on this day, and we want to tell you that without them, we are nothing, that we are happy to have them in our homes, in our offices, since we value the great contribution that they leave. Us.”
  • “Happy Women’s Day, God put you on earth, to be a mother, wife, and daughter, and now, in addition to having you in our homes, we have you everywhere giving us your valuable knowledge and leaving your great contributions to society.”
  • “Today, Women’s Day, we greet them and celebrate together with them this great event that takes place not only in our country but in the world, they all deserve this recognition that we give them, and we want to tell them that we love them a lot of.”
  • “God created women to be that great being who is capable of giving his life for his children, who are capable of doing not only one thing at a time but two, three, and he can cope with everything, he draws that strength that only they have it, that’s why on this day we want to say Happy Women’s Day!”.

Original Wishes for Women’s Day  Status to Dedicate on Whatsapp or Facebook


  • “Happy Women’s Day! where you can find beauty, intelligence, strength, drive; We love you a woman, and we are proud and grateful with life for having you”.
  • “Happy Women’s Day !. We want to tell the whole world through social networks that we value this being, that enough of the abuses that are still committed with them today, because they have everything, the difference is that men have more strength than they, and that is where the abuse of women comes. Share this message so that more people are aware”.
  • “Today we celebrate Women’s Day, our sincere recognition to all of them, and we want to tell everyone to those places where they have not yet become aware of the valuable contribution that women make to society, to take awareness of the valuable contribution that this great human being gives us—enough of the abuse with them. Give me like”.
  • “Woman receives my sincere recognition in your day, and we call on all those women who still suffer abuse to join the fight and assert their rights since the whole world listens to them and defends them.
  • We want society to become aware every day of the importance of Women since, without them, we are nothing. We write on social networks, raising our voice and helping to end the mistreatment of women.
  • On March 8, Women’s Day is celebrated, and as she deserves a lot, here we select images and phrases to honor her. It is also a day to remember women’s social, economic, and political achievements, the fight against gender violence and discrimination that women must endure in different parts of the world.

Women’s Day  Status With Images

Selection of images chosen to share on the next women’s day. Download and share with all the women that surround your life because they deserve that you celebrate this important day for all women.


  • Always a woman leads us by the hand. 
  • Happy day to God’s beautiful creation. Very happy Women’s Day this March 8.
  • The happy day this March 8.
  • I am proudly a woman. Women are an inspiration in life. And God created woman.
  • Passion, sweetness, strength, woman. I shared these images on March 8
  • Oscar Wilde’s words about women: “You should never trust a woman to tell you her true age. A woman capable of saying this is capable of saying everything. “
  • The woman is like a flower; without watering, it withers.
  • I always demanded respect, a woman.
  • Thanks to women, we can be happy.
  • On this important day, feel superwoman!

 Short Wishes for Whatsapp for Women’s day


  • You, beautiful WOMAN, have nothing to fear and suffer because you are the perfect divine creation.
  • Congratulations to the “superwomen.”
  • It is not about being the same but about having the right to be different.
  • Every day I give thanks to because beautiful WOMEN lovingly support my life. Thank you all, mother, wife, sisters, aunts, companions.
  • Images for March 8 International Women’s Day
  • Bright as the sun, since you are born.
  • This and every day are your moments to shine because you, WOMAN, were created for that…… March 8. Women’s Day.

 Short Quotes for Whatsapp for International Women’s Day


  1. Posters to share on International Women’s Day.
  2. A woman is passionate, sweetness and strong.
  3. A woman, you are the most beautiful creation of God. You deserve to be happy.
  4. Happy women’s day; you deserve to be happy.
  5. Your efforts, great WOMAN, will never be in vain because you are worthy of the great blessings of the Lord.
  6. March 8 has to be every day. Happy woman’s day
  7. Respect women. They are the ones who give life.
  8. To be a woman is to be everything.
  9. Blessed are all the women who fill us with joy and hope.

International Women’s Day Whatsapp Messages


  • The true beauty of women is reflected in the soul.
  • Best wishes for this March 8.
  • Very happy Women’s Day Have a great day.
  • Beauty and charm in every woman.
  • A modern woman is a happy woman.
  • Have a beautiful day, woman.
  • Give yourself a tribute and enjoy your day.
  • March 8, to celebrate women!
  • Strong women are easy to recognize: they are the ones who build each other rather than destroy each other.
  • Every day I give thanks to because beautiful WOMEN lovingly support my life.
  • Every day is March 8
  • The woman is an extraordinary being. This world of love, created by God, belongs to those girls who always give their best !!! Congratulations!!!

Happy Women’s Day captions


  • For all the world’s women, I wish you a happy March 8.
  • Happy, beautiful woman day.
  • Women have the same rights.
  • I want women to have power over themselves.
  • Best wishes to them, the women of my life.
  • For all the pretty women out there!

Beautiful Women’s Day Status for Women’s Day

We leave some wishes to share on such a special day as of March 8, International Women’s Day. They deserve nice words!


  • Women have only one way to surpass men in merits: to be more of a woman every day.
  • Women are like mathematics, difficult to understand, but necessary for everything!
  • Being a woman is a matter of birth; being a lady is a matter of age, being a lady is a matter of choice.
  • The woman has only one defect, not recognizing how valuable she is.
  • Women like you make a better world.
  • Congratulations to all those women who turn our world into beautiful love stories.
  • She is a beautiful, simple, humble, hard-working woman who has no rival.
  • Every day, I give thanks to because beautiful WOMEN lovingly supporting my life.
  • God said: “Let the most beautiful thing in the Universe be made” and created woman.
  • Women are the only beings capable of thinking with the heart, acting with emotion, and winning with love.
  • Mother, girlfriend, sister, aunt, niece, daughter, each beautiful WOMAN enlightens our life with love.
  • Women are the heart of life, thanks to them, we can be happy !!!

Why is Women’s Day celebrated?

Although everyone knows this date as Women’s Day, few know why this date is celebrated on March 8. The celebration was born to remember both the social and political achievements of women and remember the discrimination and gender violence suffered by women throughout the world.


There are many versions of why Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8. Among them is that the death of hundreds of workers in a cotton factory in New York, USA in 1908, or repression in a union demonstration of textile workers is remembered, but it is also said that it led to the celebration when On May 3, 1908, during a Chicago Socialist Party conference, Socialist Corinne Brown took the floor from the designated speaker discussing sex discrimination in terms of pay and hours between men and women. This led to the celebration of “Woman’s Day” that many countries moved to on March 8.

What to do to make a woman happy?

Obviously, you have to respect and love a woman to be happy. But there is always something more, and we leave you some ideas so that you can really see happy that woman that interests you, be it wife, mother, girlfriend, sister. We are talking beyond the material, and we know that you will like any gift. We are talking about showing your love and consideration for them, which is much more important than a gift.


  • Support her in daily activities and activities that she likes to do. We all need your support.
  • Share valuable time with her.
  • Kiss her, hug her, pamper her. Show your love.
  • Show interest in everything she does.
  • Surprise her with different initiatives.
  • Encourage certain moments together.

Show your love with messages on social networks or WhatsApp.