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What Surfcasting Reel to Buy?

What Surfcasting Reel to Buy

The reel must be appropriate for the rod in which you want to mount it, and the set must be a piece of fairly balanced and effective equipment, do not get carried away only by aesthetics. Having clarified this, we are going to see the most important elements in a fishing reel.

1. The Body of the Reel

Depending on the reel body, the material that is manufactured will affect the price and performance.

Magnet alloy

So, normally used in high-end reels. It is perhaps the most expensive, but it offers some amazing qualities such as being very lightweight as well as being resistant, only within reach of a few pockets.


Aluminum is a metal that is highly resistant to rust and saltpeter as well as being very light. It is the material most used in medium-high range Surfcasting reels.


Although fragile to shocks, graphite, a light, and corrosion-resistant material, is the most used in the lower-middle and cheap fishing reels. Not for that reason are they bad reels. On the contrary, there are very cheap reels built with this material that offers excellent quality/price.

2. Bearings

Not always more is better, and this is a case of them. The important thing is that the bearings you have are many or few are of good quality. This means that they are made of stainless steel, sealed, armored. It will depend on these that the reel goes thin and lasts for many years.

Always quality bearings.

3. Brake

The reel brake is a very used item on surfcasting days. You will be continuously tightening and loosening. Therefore it is essential that this maneuver can be done easily and quickly. Ideally, with two turns or less, the coil will go from being free to being blocked. If pressing the brake fully, the coil does not lock, which means that the brake is not of quality.

The brake is made up of metal washers interspersed with others made of felt, carbon, etc.

4. Ratio

Example: Ratio 4.8: 1, in this case, means that the pick-up (metal arch) makes 4.8 turns around the coil for each turn you give the crank, the most common thing in surfcasting reels is that it rounds 3.5: 1 and 4.8: 1, in Surfcasting rewards speed, especially in competitive fishing in which time is money; a reel suitable for surfcasting should pick up about one meter of line per crank turn.

5. Pick-up and the Wire Guide

This so rare of the Pickup is simply the metallic bow that fulfills the function of blocking and collecting the fishing line. A good pick-up should never close on its own, especially when casting, because it will cause you to break the line, and along with it, you will lose the rig and the plumb line. Make sure it is stainless and resistant.

As for the essential thread guide that is provided with a good bearing since it must always rotate without problems, if not, the fishing line will not last more than a few hauls, the reason is that if it does not rotate, it exerts friction on the line which heats up, dries out and final part, so good maintenance of the line guide is essential.

6. Coil

The coils are made of different materials such as aluminum, Teflon, graphite, and their thing is that they weigh little. We will also have to take into account the capacity and size of the coil. The ideal is a capacity of 250m, and the larger its diameter, the better, so its winding will be more correct, and you will get better casts. There are surfcasting fishermen who carry different reels in their fishing boxes to be able to change according to the weather or sea conditions.


The best reel is not always the most expensive but the one with the best value for money. The Shimano or Daiwa are very famous, which of course, have the quality and performance that any fisherman wants. Still, there are other very good options at a lower price, such as CinneticOkumaPennIridium reels, and a long, etc.

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