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The 7 Most Innovative Wellness Startups in the World

The 7 most innovative wellness startups in the world: With food products or routines to improve health or prevent aging, it is a niche in which there is still a lot of room to innovate.

7 Most Innovative Wellness Startups in the World

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1. Smart supplements for the brain

Heights wellness startups has designed smart supplements that help stimulate the brain and are obtained through a subscription service. So that the consumer commits to taking care of their mental well-being for a minimum of three months; the time it takes, they say, for the brain to absorb all the nutrients well.

These supplements contain a combination of 25 ingredients selected by neuroscientists and dietitians that provide energy, combat fatigue, improve sleep levels and enhance attention at work and the routines of each. In addition, they avoid negative thoughts and states of stress and anxiety.

Objectives that basically target the entire general population as potential clients. At least, to all those who do not want to resort to traditional medicine, theoretically more invasive. His proposal is based on prevention, that is, on taking care of the brain’s health to perform more and better before, even, the first symptoms of deterioration appear. 

2. An app to focus on your happiest moments

hiMoment is an application that facilitates the application of the main self-help books on a daily basis for users seeking their mental well-being. It is based on offering small pills so that they focus on what is most important to be happy, along with exercises, advice, and memories that distract them from bad thoughts. A tool that combines positive psychology with entertainment to enliven the task of removing concerns from its users.

3. The elixir of youth

Physical and mental youth is what the Juvlabs biopharmaceutical company, from the Juvenescence group, wants to guarantee its customers. Its founder, Jim Mellon, a British billionaire and philanthropist, has gained great support from investors to develop therapies that delay aging, promote cell regeneration and ultimately help us stay healthy for many more years.

His scientific research promises to revolutionize global health in the next ten years, with ingredients that really help the regeneration of tissues and our organs “thanks to a better understanding of how cells age and the role of genes and proteins in our health and in the aging process.”

The business is, again, in prevention. But also, in a marketing model that, far from being designed for a wealthy minority, aims to democratize this type of treatment by making it available to all budgets. At the moment, they have a long waiting list for when their products are ready on the market, and they have become one of the most disruptive companies in health in the world. 

4. An app to promote mental well-being

Another wellness startups that works for its users’ mental well-being, in this case, offers programs that help them disconnect from the problems that cause them stress and anxiety. The quality of its meditation content with guided classes in 7 languages ​​and its ability to adapt to the needs of consumers (with programs adapted to the needs of each moment and of each region) have made Meditopia one of the applications in the sector most widely used worldwide and preferred in the non-English speaking market. Also, it has a team of experts that works to help overcome stressful events caused by natural disasters.

5. A platform to help your team sleep more and better

Shleep has focused on mental well-being, but in this case, thinking about achieving that happiness through a good rest and offering its services to corporate clients. Companies that want to help their employees rest and sleep better since, according to the founders of this Dutch wellness startups, rest improves problem-solving, memory, decision-making, and creativity. Also, leadership and commitment to the team. It makes perfect sense, then, that your clients are companies.

The team members are professionals from Berkeley, Harvard Medical School, INSEAD, McKinsey, and Bain, and they organize the therapies putting the particular business of each company at the center. Thus, they offer therapies tailored to each organization with online coaching sessions focused on improving employee productivity. According to its founders, a 30-day program for better sleep can improve workforce performance by up to 25%.

6. Online help to change habits

The German Actio proposes a way of understanding its users’ well-being by taking advantage of technology to reach more people but maintaining direct and personal contact with users. They have created a training and emotional support service based on a large community that connects in real-time with trainers specialized in caring for the body and mind: yoga, concentration, creativity, physical exercises.

Each one chooses which objective they want to work on, and the Actio community gets going so that they do not give up and maintain some routines. The fun is that the activities are organized by groups of real people and directed by coaches in real-time. In fact, since the objective is for its users to be able to achieve their goals, Actio professionals are in charge of calling users to “enter” the class live.

7. Stem cell therapies

Another disruptive project that is still in the development phase but that can completely transform medicine. Or at least the cure for chronic diseases that currently have no treatment, such as diabetes, Parkinson’s, or macular degeneration.

The French TreeFrog has developed a platform of self-replicating cells, or in other words, stem cells capable of regenerating any part of the human body. That the project is not science fiction is proven by all the support behind it to achieve its objective, from its country of origin, France, and from the rest of the EU, both public and private: the i-Nov Innovation Challenge and EIC Accelerator programs, and the venture capital funds XAnge and Galia Gestion, among others.

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