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9 Educational Ideas to Entertain Children With Mobile & Tablet

The technology is present in our lives and in the lives of our children. Our little ones are millennial children and, although some parents still have a hard time including technology in the lives of our children (because we did not grow up with it), the truth is that it can be a great educational support at the same time playful. What if parents take advantage of technology to educate our children, without it meaning planting them in front of the tablet without them learning anything? We give you  9 educational ideas to entertain children with technology.

The best educational ideas on screens for children

Children learn every moment of their life; they are learning at all times. The challenge for parents is to guide our children about what they learn. And, for this, technology can be a great ally. We tell you a lot of educational ideas for the little ones in the house to entertain themselves with technology!

1. Becoming a filmmaker

If your child has the artist’s soul, suggest that they become a filmmaker by recording with their mobile phone or tablet. You can invent a script with your siblings, record it, or make a nature documentary. If you are old enough and skilled enough, you can edit it with some app or take some time together to edit. The idea is that you develop your creativity and initiative while you entertain yourself!

2. Being a journalist for a day

Another version of the previous one is making news. I always remember the newscasts my sister and I did when we were little. As there were not so many technological media, we sat our parents, uncles, and grandparents to watch our newscast (made with news of our life) as if it were television. I admit that I would have given anything to have recorded it. It is a very entertaining activity that encourages cooperation, imagination, and organization!

3. Encourage a love for photography

This is another highly entertaining proposal that many children enjoy, especially on field trips or family gatherings. If you have a digital camera, they will enjoy using it at all times; If not, lend them your mobile phone, so they can entertain themselves by taking pictures.

4. Assemble a photo album

This proposal can last not just one day but several! Ask them to reorganize the digital photos you have and select the best ones for holidays, Christmas, Halloween, birthdays. You can put them in an app that helps with this, like google photos. When they are selected, you can send them to make a printed album. Your children will enjoy this activity.

More educational ideas to make children with a mobile or a tablet

Between the ages of 3 and 10, there are a multitude of possibilities for play and learning with digital tools that are proven and have been successful, but it is clear that not everything goes. As explained in the report, ‘ Learning to live with screens. Do I leave my child the tablet? ‘, prepared by the Community of Madrid,’ today we can affirm that it is true that screens affect the brain. And leaving the tablet indeed has different risks in each age. But it is important to clarify that screens have risks if we misuse them. And that they are risks that can and should be avoided. ‘

5. Create musical composers

There are many apps with which children can experiment with music and technology, learning to play an instrument and even to compose songs and musical works.

6. Read hours and hours with the tablet

Little ones who like it will find a lot of ebooks or electronic books on the internet. There is a wide range on the market, including interactive books with which the little ones can do much more than reading and not get bored while learning.

7. Singing and recording music videos

Fun is guaranteed when children can sing their favorite songs, much more if they have a microphone to sing and record them. You can do karaoke as a family activity.

8. Create drawings on the tablet

Some applications allow you to color or create creative and original paintings on the tablet. For the most artistic children, these types of activities are a pleasure, while they use technology for educational purposes. If you can, print the final work, to support the artistic side of your little one.

There are also endless options for doing puzzles on your tablet or mobile phone. It can be an activity that entertains the house’s children for a long time while making them think.

9. Write one, two or many stories, poems or plays

The computer, tablet, or even the mobile phone can be used to write stories. Propose this activity to your children, and you will see how they will have fun for several days. If there are several children at home (brothers, cousins), hold a story contest (horror, love, laughter) so that they are a little more motivated. You can appoint a jury and prepare an award ceremony which, of course, you can record on video.

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