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21 Best 2 Player Games for Kids

The Best 2 Player Games for Kids: Have you been alone with a child who does not stop repeating that he is bored? Or maybe you are looking for children’s games for two children to play as a couple? If you want ideas for children’s activities, so they don’t get bored, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top 21 Best 2 Player Games for Kids at home! They will have a great time!

Top Best 2 Player Games for Kids Not to Get Bored

Entertaining a child on your own can be difficult, especially if he is an only child. And it is that all children, even the most independent ones who are used to “doing things alone,” may want a shared activity from time to time. At this time, a skilled babysitter (but also a grandfather, an older cousin, a father) has to become a fun and imaginative playmate. With this selection of games for two children at home, you will be able to escape from boredom!

2 Player Games for Kids

In our blog, we always pay special importance to this aspect, since games to play at home when you are bored are essential for the child’s development. Therefore, not only do we have the best activities for children at home on vacation, but we also offer you the best games with homemade objects. 

You will see that it is unnecessary to spend a lot of money to spend a few hours of fun!  Whether you’re looking for teen babysitting jobs or an experienced babysitter, having a repertoire of boredom games will always be a bonus. 

Remember: The more skills and experience you have on your babysitting resume, the easier it will be to find a job. Also for parents, uncles or grandparents, these ideas for playing with children will be very useful.

Playground for Two Young Children at Home

The following home games for children from 2 to 3 years old have classified them by difficulty playing in pairs. We will start with simple games for preschool children, and we will increase the difficulty of children’s activities. In case the children are under one year old, we recommend our selection of educational games for babies. 

1. Play clapping with children’s songs

The adult should be placed in front of the child. In the case of two children, they have to sit facing each other. The left hand has to collide with the right and vice versa. Then both hands will collide head-on with those of the playmate. Children will have to turn one of the palms upwards so that they can clash their hands again but from top to bottom. 

It is one of the most appropriate games for two children at home for coordination. If they also sing a children’s song to the rhythm that their hands clasp, it becomes one of the best children’s 2 player games to develop memory and language.

For older kids, this 2 Player Games for Kids can get tricky and turn into a real clap choreography.

2. The rocking horse

The wheelie is a game suitable for strong young parents or babysitters. You will have to stand on the ground on all fours, and the child will ride on you. He will have fun like crazy, maybe you a little less (especially if there are no rugs on the floor of the house).

3. The plane

Small acrobatic activity for parents, babysitters, and children. If you have a lot of strength, lift the child in your arms and gently rock her weight from one side to the other. Accompany the movement imitating the noise of an airplane. This is one of the games for 2 young children that will make you laugh the most. 

To exercise your muscles less, try moving from the ground. Roll onto your back and bend your knees. Next, you will place the child’s chest on the bottom of your feet (so that the child looks down). Move the little one up and down by flexing the knees. The plane has taken off! 

4. The mirror

The 2 Player Games for Kids preschool children are simple but very fun. The mirror is one of the best examples. Make a face or make a funny face. Then ask the child to imitate you. It is also one of the ideal games for two children at home for two players. Shifts must be changed, and the key is to act as if each one were in front of a mirror.

5. Whoever laughs first loses.

This is one of the funniest classic kid’s games. It has been passed down from generation to generation and has no age limit. It’s amazing how funny it can be to be forced to be serious! Whoever laughs first, at the nonsense the other player does, loses. 

6. Game of silence

The silence game is one of the most traditional games for children at home. It is very useful to rest a little if the children have been doing some outdoor games or physical activity. He who opens his mouth first loses. We must warn you that in the event that instead of two children, an adult, and a small play, it is more frequent that the older ones lose. Incredible as it may seem, the little ones go to great lengths to maintain silence!

7. Rock, paper or scissors

If you are looking for games for two children at home, this is one of the most popular. The little ones will not spend too much time, but it is ideal for alternating activities and 2 Player Games for Kids and avoiding boredom. The rules will be familiar to you because it is a traditional game. 

The two children should hide their hands behind their back and think about whether they are going to take out rock, paper, or scissors. The stone is a closed fist, the paper is an open hand, and the scissors are the symbol of victory with the hand horizontal. The stone defeats the scissors because it crushes it, but loses to the paper because it can wrap around it. Scissors beat paper because it cuts it, but not stone. Finally, paper can beat stone but not scissors. It is a children’s strategy game that will activate your reflexes and develop your intelligence.

8. The domino

Dominoes is one of the most fun games to learn numbers from 1 to 10. The objective is to build a chain of tiles, joining the doubles that have the same value or the side of the tile that has the same number of points. 

It is one of our favorite games for two children at home since they can spend a long time playing. On the other hand, it is a perfect gift for a 5-year-old (they will learn to count numbers easily).

9. Even or odd

Before each round, children must decide whether to bet on odd or even numbers. Then, as they say aloud, “Odd or even?” The hands must turn closed. Then each player indicates an odd or even number with their fingers. The sum is made, and the player who bet on the winning result – odd or even – wins. It is a game for two children suitable when they know how to calculate simple sums. 

2 Player Games for Kids at home

Now let’s move on to home games for 2 young people, with older children. We refer to children who are already in primary school, from eight years of age. If you are interested in activities for this age group, we recommend that you also take a look at our selection of games for children from 8 to 11 years old. 

10. Slap game (in the hands)

One player has his hands palms up, and the other player has his hands palms down. All this was leaving a certain space. The child with his hands underneath must quickly rotate his hands to hit the top of the opponent’s hands with a slap. It is an extremely popular hand game for children, where the risk is that one player “catches” the other’s hand. 

11. Name things or cities.

Don’t tell me you don’t know this game? It is one of the most versatile 2 Player Games for Kids at home, as there are infinite variations. Players can propose word categories according to their strengths: names of athletes, animals, colors. It is part of the games for two more classic players, but there is no age limit or participants!

12. Sinking the Fleet

This is another of the children’s games for 2 children par excellence. You only need a grid sheet and a pencil. If you prefer more sophisticated options, you can buy the board game, but on our blog, we always bet on free children’s games

The play area is a large square, which in turn consists of ten squares on each side. Each square is identified by the intersection of letters (above) and numbers (in the left column). Inside are located ships occupying different squares of different sizes: from two, three, four, to five squares. Each player must choose a square per turn: A7, H7, I2.

 If the square is occupied by a ship, the player marks an X, and his opponent will have to answer “touched” or “water.” Once each ship is touched, the player will know how to orient themselves towards the ultimate goal: destroy the fleet. For each ship sunk, the loser must say “sunk.”

Obviously, the player who first ends the opponent’s fleet will win. 

13. Tic Tac Toe

The game design consists of nine squares, three by three. The objective is to form a set of symbols horizontally, vertically, or crosswise. In this two-player game, one will draw circles and the other crosses. There are those who attack, those who defend themselves, those who claim to have great strategies, and those who only try! 

14. Force four

It’s an alignment game like tic tac toe, but a larger, more commercial version. Here, the row of aligned tiles should be four and is played on a 6 x 7 grid. Strength 4 is certainly an ideal gift for an 8-year-old. On the other hand, it is the perfect toy to know how to entertain children on a long car trip.

15. The broom

The broom is one of the most popular card games for 2 kids, although up to five players can play. It consists of making groups of cards that together add up to 15 points. Both a Spanish and an English deck can be used. 

In the Spanish deck, each card indicates the number, less the jack that is 8, the horse 9, and the king with a value of 10. It is an ideal game for a child of 7 years or slightly older. 

17. The Ladies

Checkers is a somewhat simpler game than the broom, that’s why it is among our favorite games for primary school children. Children will learn to respect rules and anticipate the opponent’s movements. We love that the classic games for children are maintained compared to video games, which barely develop their attention and learning capacity. 

18. Chess

It is the star game to teach children to think strategically. It is not easy, but you will be surprised at the learning capacity that children have and how they can like it. If the little one is interested, you can find chess classes in your city or simply follow some online tutorials to teach him to step by step.

19. Elastic rubber

A simple piece of elastic rubber of about three meters is more than enough to spend hours of fun. You can find it in any haberdashery. Children will only have to tie one end of the rubber to the other and use the foot of a piece of furniture or a chair to fit the rubber’s end once it is floated. You may not remember too much, but you can take a look at the old songs and games of this activity, ideal for children from 7 to 8 years old. 

20. Big Boggle

Scrabble is the quintessential word game, but perhaps for teens and adults. Big Boggle is a word game for middle-aged children. Although simpler than the previous one, in essence, it is the same. We randomly mix the letter cubes that are placed on a kind of chessboard. It is time for time to go into action using an hourglass. Each player must find as many words as possible, joining adjacent letters.

21. Guess the animal

It is a 2 Player Games for Kids not only suitable for not getting bored at home but also on a car or plane trip when traveling with children. One player thinks of an animal, and the other has to guess based on questions that can only be answered yes or no. For example: «Is it a mammal? Can you fly? Do you have big ears? Obviously, the game can be customized according to the common interests of the players: a TV series, sports, etc.


There is a wide variety of the best 2 Player Games for Kids at home, undoubtedly many more than what we have listed here. If you know more activities to play as a couple, we would love to hear about it through our comments section! Thanks for following us!

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