Nine Clever Ways to Thank Your Donors

Nine Clever Ways to Thank Your Donors: The most important task you will carry out with your donors is to thank them. Yes, suppose you dedicate yourself to raising funds for your organization. In that case, you will know the importance of thanking your donors, not only as an expression of gratitude and good manners but as a way to establish lasting relationships. When done right, recognition can even encourage recurring donations or volunteering.

Small and medium organizations may not have the resources or opportunities to create big events when it comes to giving thanks. In that case, do not worry. With a little creativity, you will be able to thank your donors without affecting costs. Sometimes less is more.

Nine Clever Ways to Thank Your Donors

We have compiled Nine Clever Ways to Thank Your Donors and thus enhance your relationships with them. On the website, The organization’s website or your campaign landing page is the perfect place to show appreciation for your followers. Develop a section on the page that can appeal to both point and recurring donors.


Post a message of thanks to a wide audience showing that you appreciate their time, efforts, and contributions. It is a personal connection that will increase your commitment and loyalty.

1. Welcome pack

Putting together a welcome pack is an effective way for new donors to learn more about your organization. You can create an automated email so that when a first-time donor, the welcome package is immediately sent to them, thanking them in a thank, you letter, adding an article (if the organization has been in the media), some photographs, Surveys. Above all, we advise you to tell a true story about the campaign for which you have donated.

2. Video

A good thank you video doesn’t have to be reserved for a big campaign or for the end of the year. You can recognize donations in a simple video, and it doesn’t have to last more than 2 minutes. In addition to attracting your donors, it is also a way to publicly recognize them through social media and promote your organization to other potential sponsors. As a video idea, you can have people affected by those donations broadcast a message of thanks or explain their story.

3. An informal event

Imagine an event in which there is no sale of tickets and donations are not requested, but you offer your potential donor an unforgettable experience. Creating an opportunity to engage “cold leads” who may never have heard of your organization may spark their interest. Some tips for planning it:

4. Create a comfortable atmosphere

The more relaxed your guests are, the easier it will be to have a meaningful conversation with them. Try hosting a cookout, food gathering, planting a tree, a house party, or a beach picnic instead of a fancy event. Not only will you save money, but these types of casual events also allow you to create intrigue while having fun with news about your organization, success stories, and impact.

5. Thank you email

The easiest and fastest way to thank donors is to send a thank you letter in an email. In fact, speed is important! Try to send it within two days after donating.

6. Thank you letter (by hand)

Aside from sending a thank-you letter after the first donation, an excellent Way to Thank Your Donors to show your biggest donors that you are grateful is to send them handwritten notes. Personalization will make the message appear more meaningful. We give you some examples of ideal times to send this type of letter:

  • When they make a second big donation
  • When they attend and donate at a big event
  • On the anniversary of your first donation
  • In the Christmas season, to congratulate on the holidays

Include a short handwritten note that refers to the campaign they donated to or the event they attended. The personalization and the traditional in these digital moments create a great impact.

7. Anniversary Cards

Send a personalized anniversary card to recognize donor loyalty one year after you make your first donation. As a tip, don’t just leave it to celebrate the first year, but you can send 5, 10, 15, and 20th anniversary cards of recurring donations.

8. Social Networks

As an organization, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram are very powerful tools to thank. Surely your donors feel that they really create an impact when they see that they have been included in some type of message on your social networks. This is a great way to thank donors, both big and small.

Thanks to StockCrowd software, you unite your campaigns with your digital communities, and you can link the thanks to your networks.

9. Call by phone

Sometimes one of the most personal forms of communication is something as classic as a phone call. Hearing a voice on the other side increases not only authenticity but also confidence. You can schedule one or two calls a month to thank your donors over the phone. You will see that these small gestures impact enormously!


Thanking your donors today becomes a necessity. The fundraising comes down to getting donations from two sources: new and existing donors. A good thank you is one of the most effective ways to get new donors back.

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