Home News At least six dead in the magnitude 7.5 earthquake in southern Mexico

At least six dead in the magnitude 7.5 earthquake in southern Mexico

Earthquake in Southern Mexico: The 7.5 -magnitude earthquake that shook central and southern Mexico on Tuesday has caused at least six deaths in the southern state of Oaxaca, the epicenter of the earthquake that triggered the seismic alert in the country’s capital. According to the most recent Civil Protection report, the earthquake also left several wounded in Oaxaca and in Mexico City. Half a thousand houses and some 55 historical monuments have also suffered the consequences of the tremor.

The earthquake triggered the seismic alert in the capital, where it was felt strongly in much of the city. The warning, about a minute before the telluric movement was felt, gave time for most of the buildings to be vacated. ” We activate the Civil Protection Protocol, ” the foreign minister of Mexico, Marcelo Ebrard, in social networks.

earthquake in southern Mexico

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, called on the population to be “cautious” in the face of possible aftershocks. “We are going to continue calling for precautionary action for aftershocks and that we all take care of ourselves without being distressed without despair,” the president said in a video message from the patio of the National Palace, where he protected himself from the tremor. The most recent Seismological report indicated that 654 aftershocks of the 7.5 magnitude earthquake have been presented so far, the largest of which is 5.4.

The Ministry of Culture of Mexico and the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) reported damage to 55 buildings of cultural heritage in the state of Oaxaca, 40 with minor damages, 11 with moderate damage, and four more classified as severe.

Earthquake in Southern Mexico

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issued a tsunami threat notice for the Pacific. “Based on all the available data, there is a forecast of dangerous tsunami waves for some coasts,” said NOAA, which indicated that in the Mexican Pacific the waves could reach “1 to 3 meters above the level of the tides.”.

For Ecuador, the tsunami storm surge forecast is that it will reach “0.3 to 1 meter above the tidal level, and for the coasts of Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, and Hawaii The waves are expected to be “less than 0.3 meters”.

In September 2017, three earthquakes claimed the lives of 471 people

The Mexican territory is located on five tectonic plates. Most of the country belongs to the North American plate, while the Baja California peninsula belongs to the plate of the Pacific and off the coast of the Pacific have the microplate of Rivera, the Cocos Plate, and the Caribbean.

In 2017, 471 people died in Mexico from three earthquakes on September 7, 19, and 23, in the greatest natural tragedy in Mexico since the 1985 earthquake, which left thousands of people dead in the country’s capital.

The 8.2 magnitude earthquake with an epicenter in Chiapas on September 7 left 98 fatalities; 78 of them in Oaxaca, 16 in Chiapas, and four in Tabasco. The one of September 19, of magnitude 7.1 and with an epicenter between Puebla and Morelos (center), left 369 dead, 228 of them in Mexico City. Four other people lost their lives on September 23, when a 6.1 earthquake in southern Mexico triggered the seismic alert in the capital.

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