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NYPD rescues an 8-foot snake in the Bronx

A house in the Bronx received a special visitor at its door Friday morning: an 8-foot red-tailed constrictor snake, according to New York police.

Fortunately, the best snake handler in New York was on the scene and made sure everyone was safe.

Detective Jose Otero of the New York Police Department (NYPD) Emergency Services Unit, who has struggled with street snakes across the city for years, said he knew the 911 call about the snake was serious when He saw her hanging from a lamp at the entrance to the house.

“I was very agitated,” Otero told reporters in a conference call. “His head was perched and hissing, so it was something we had to worry about.”

After dispersing a crowd of onlookers, Otero, who owns snakes and other reptiles as pets, said he used a snake stick to make the reptile relax and free itself from the lamp.

The 21-year-old NYPD veteran, who has already caught four snakes this year alone, added that some pet owners don’t realize snakes can get out of cages if they’re not properly locked. He warned people that if they see a loose snake, they should not try to take the animal into their own hands, but ask for help.

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