6 Genius Apps to Exercise Your Brain at Home

Best Apps to exercise your brain: Yes, for general health reasons, it is very important to try to maintain an exercise routine during the quarantine caused by the coronavirus pandemic, but mental health cannot be left aside, nor can any activity that helps stimulate creativity to be ignored and imagination.

Best apps to exercise your brain

With that in mind, we have compiled some great apps for mind exercising at home.


1. Lumosity (Android / IOS)

Millions of users have used these popular brain training apps and contain more than 40 scientifically designed games that exercise cognitive skills such as memory, attention, and processing speed.

2. NeuroNaion (Android / IOS)

With this app, you can work on problems such as poor memory, difficulty concentrating, or slow thinking with exercises and courses that help stimulate logical thinking, encourage concentration, and reduce stress.

3. Left vs Right (Android / IOS)

This application has a diverse selection of games designed to strengthen adaptability, reflection, reasoning, awareness, patience, and precision. These games are divided into six categories, all created to exercise the mind.

4. 94 Seconds (Android / IOS)

Through this application, users can access an online game that explores their vocabulary and mental agility. Starting with a category and a letter, the player has 94 seconds to respond with a word that begins with that letter.

5. Clockwork Brain (Android / IOS)

This application contains a series of games created to challenge users’ intellect and test their cognitive skills. Here the player will find minigames, puzzles, custom programs, and other challenges.

6. Eidetic (Android / IOS)

This app will help those users who have trouble remembering names, phones, and other details. Here they will learn techniques to better memorize concepts through challenges and challenges.

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