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Trump extends blockade on Huawei until at least May 2021

Trump extends blockade on Huawei: With the coronavirus crisis, the trade war that caused a major earthquake in the technology sector seems to have been somewhat overshadowed. However, despite all the months that have passed and the gestures of goodwill that were staged between the two countries in late 2020, the blockade has continued and it seems that at least it will continue for another year.

Trump extends blockade on Huawei

As Reuters has revealed, Donald Trump has extended until at least May 2021 the executive order that prohibits working with Huawei, ZTE, and other Chinese companies because they consider them a risk to national security.

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This extension will be a severe blow to the technology sector in general and will not be limited to the companies directly affected. Trump has ignored requests from tech companies like Google, which called for greater laxity in the blockade that is also affecting his business worldwide.

However, it seems that the concern that the US government has weighs, especially with Huawei and the continuous expansion of its 5G technology that has not been as slowed down as it could have been planned at first.

Two years of the blockade would be celebrated in May 2021, although the US presidential elections have to come before. In the event that Trump does not revalidate his mandate, the blockade may undergo changes, the confrontation strategy of the current president is not accompanied by the bulk of the country’s politicians.

In any case, tomorrow it will also be known if the temporary license that the Department of Commerce has granted to Google to continue with its software updates on devices that should be blocked is extended.

What is clear is that Trump’s strategy with Chinese companies has not changed throughout the legislature. If you have already carried out a campaign where you harshly criticized the growing technological dominance of the Asian country, you have not stopped in your attempt to combat it during these years.

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