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Download GTA V free for PC from Epic Games Store

GTA V free for PC from Epic Games Store

  • GTA V continues to be one of the best-selling video games six years after its release.
  • Due to the success of the promotion, the servers of the Epic Games Store are down.
  • You can download the GTA V for PC for free until next Thursday, May 21.

Download GTA V free for PC from Epic Games Store

Download GTA V free for PC from Epic Games Store: Are you a fan of Grand Theft Auto V? If the answer is yes, you can now download GTA V for free for PC from the Epic Games Store. We tell you how to do it step by step.

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular Games franchises. GTA V is the latest title in the saga: it hit the market in October 2013 and continues to be one of the best-selling games today. Without going any further, a few weeks ago it was the best-selling video game in Europe, despite the fact that more than six years have passed since its launch.

Aiming to attract new users, Epic Games Store gives away a PC video game every week that users can download for free to play for free forever. Thanks to this strategy, the Epic store, which was born in December 2018, has achieved more than 108 million customers and millionaire income and continues with its crusade to stand up to Steam.

A few days ago, rumors announced that this week’s title would be GTA V, which was later confirmed through a tweet that the company mistakenly published. In theory, the GTA V could be downloaded from 17:00 hours (Spanish peninsular time) today, but the interest generated by this title has collapsed the servers of the Epic Games Store.

At the time of writing this news, the service was still not working, but below we are going to explain what you have to do to download Grand Theft Auto V free for PC when the page becomes operational.

First of all, enter the Epic store through this link and sign up in case you don’t have an account. Then, access the GTA V file and make the purchase with a 100% discount, allowing you to add the game to your library to be able to play for free forever. In addition, when you redeem the game you will receive a coupon of 10 euros discount for purchases over 14 euros, and for each purchase you make you will receive another coupon of 10 euros.

You will be able to download GTA 5 for PC for free in the Epic Games Store until next Thursday, May 21, so don’t miss the opportunity.

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