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“Ask China” Trump’s response to Asian-American reporter

“Ask China” Trump’s response to Asian-American reporter: President Donald Trump unexpectedly ended a press conference after a heated discussion with two journalists.

The president did not like that Weijia Jiang, a CBS reporter, questioned him for statements about the United States’ response to the coronavirus.

Ask China

“He has said many times that the United States is doing much better than any other nation when it comes to testing. Why does that matter? Why is it a global competition for you if Americans continue to lose their lives every day? ”Jiang asked in the Rose Garden of the White House.

Trump started his response by saying that people are losing their lives “everywhere in the world,” but within seconds he switched to a more aggressive tone.

“Maybe that’s a question I should ask China, don’t ask me, ask China that question. When you ask them that question, you may get an unusual answer, “Trump said.

The reporter took the answer personally.

“Lord, why are you saying that to me specifically? What should I ask China? “Jiang said.

The president said only that he would do it to anyone who asked an “unpleasant question like that.”

But the scene did not end there. The president later removed question time from a CNN reporter. The journalist told him that he himself had pointed it out, but Trump cared little and nothing. The president took no further questions and ended the meeting with the media abruptly.

Brian Stelter, a CNN commentator, said it was “racist for Trump to tell an Asian-American to ‘ask China’ about coronavirus deaths.”



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