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All About Apex Season 5 Release Date Apex, Patch Notes

All About Apex Season 5 Release Date Apex, Patch Notes: Favor and Fortuna include a new legend, who will try to take revenge on Revenant for the acts he committed against his family.

Apex Season 5

All About Apex Season 5

The new Apex Legends is out now, as planned. Favor and Fortuna are Season 5 of Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale, a title that went on sale in early 2019 and has continued to progress as the months have passed. As usual, the production presents a whole series of novelties, including a new legend and many other surprises.

The new Battle Pass offers more than 100 exclusive items, including Legendary Skins, Apex Packs, and all of the cosmetic content that’s released throughout the season. Through a press release, Electronic Arts have explained that the game will incorporate a new model with which players will have the possibility to seek wealth and glory, as well as delve into the history of the video game. They will be able to find treasures and participate in a series of missions for nine weeks.

The new legend and more

Loba Andrade will participate in the Apex Games as a new legend. This 34-year-old woman became a thief out of necessity, so she is now a true expert. After the murder of her parents at the hands of Revenant, Loba had to face life alone. Thanks to his abilities, he manages to live in wealth, although when discovering the presence of Revenant, he decides to destroy the factories in which his cybernetic body is built. Unfortunately, there are quite a few of them, so you will have no choice but to face the enemy face to face.

Apex Legends Season 5 will also include changes to the map. The arrival of Loba to the Canyon of the Kings has caused the undulation of the sand. Therefore, Villa Calavera has been affected and has changed the way in which the squads make their blows and develop their defense strategies.

On the other hand, in Series 4 of the Qualifying Leagues, the novelty is “reconnection”. If players disconnect due to network issues or a video game crash, they will be able to restart and reload their session. There will be no changes to the classification ranges division system; neither in the score, cost in PC for games, and assists. Yes, the tolerance of defeat will be reviewed.

All about Apex Legends Season 5

The end of Apex Legends season 4 is getting closer. As is the custom at Apex, each season comes loaded with a large number of new features that, as we get closer to its release date, are revealed to us. Let’s see what things bring us the long-awaited Apex Legends season 5 called “Favor and Fortune”.

New Legend: Wolf

“Loba is elegant, sophisticated, and resourceful; and always gets everything she wants. If you intend to stop her … Good luck!”

With these words, we are introduced to Loba, the new legend that we have been waiting for so long since the beginning of season 4. It was here that we were able to see the beginnings of her tragic story, which is closely related to Revenant as this was the cause of death. his father’s.

A few days ago we were able to see a video that showed us how his life was after the tragic event that, in his own words, made his world break into a thousand pieces. From his childhood, through foster families to his motivations to start stealing. Gradually improving her skills to become the best thief to date.

In the most recent trailer, we can see her finding the real head of Revenant and failing in her attempt to assassinate him. It is then when she is attacked by a horde of robots and, to the rhythm of an incredible song, she shows off some of her abilities.

Wolf skills

About a month ago, data miner iLootGames revealed some of Loba’s abilities hidden in the game’s code. These are the skills he claimed to have found, although he did not distinguish between tactical, passive, and ultimate.

  • Skill 1 – The thief’s best friend: throw a disc and teleport to that location
  • Skill 2 – Offer on Demand – Press and hold to choose a loot type. Reveal that kind of loot in the area around you through the walls.
  • Skill 3 – Eye for Quality – Wolf can see through nearby walls for loot
  • Skill 4 – Black Market Boutique: Place a device that can steal all the loot nearby.

As we have seen in the trailer, some of these skills seem to have been successful. However, Loba seems to have a kind of high-powered bomb with which she is able to blow up all the facilities she was in and modify much of Skulltown. This will most likely replace any of the aforementioned, although we will have to wait until they are officially confirmed to be sure.


In addition to the new Legend, another novelty that season 5 brings us is the missions. This will be a new way for players to earn rewards.

“Search for treasures and answers in the new seasonal mission. Those who complete the path will receive great rewards.”

So far, this is all Respawn has communicated to us about it.

Battle Pass 5

Respawn confirms that we will have more than 100 exclusive items. Including legendary skins, Apex packs, and legendary weapons. Season 5, Favor and Fortuna, will also bring new battle pass content, although we will have to wait for it to be announced to know what it is about.


In this fifth season, there is no indication that we are going to see some kind of new map, so we will continue playing in the End of the World and King’s Canyon. Respawn has confirmed that it will remain on a map change in the middle of the season, as it serves to maintain the interest of the players. From what we have seen in the Loba trailer, Skull Town will be modified in some way, but at the moment there is no news of changes in the rest of the map.


Regarding the adjustments of weapons or legends, still little is known. What is practically confirmed are some improvements for Mirage. Since its inception, Mirage has been a fairly mediocre legend due to its abilities, which do not stop working. The community has been crying out for some kind of improvement for this charismatic legend and Carlos Pineda, the developer of Respawn, brought us the good news through his Twitter.

These are all the news known to date, but remember that Apex Legends season 5 will be released on May 12 . You still have time to upload some ranking ranks until this series is over and hone your skills to complete missions, the new battle pass and scale ranks in this new season.

Apex Legends is a free-to-play game available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Electronic Arts plan to release it on mobile but has not yet announced the release date.

  • Source | EA (Press release)

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