Home Entertainment What is the origin of the Viral African coffin dance meme?

What is the origin of the Viral African coffin dance meme?

origin of the Viral African coffin dance meme: During the quarantine, videos, photos, challenges, and memes reach us through the different social networks, most of them marked by humor with the aim of making our stay more at home during the quarantine and, incidentally, laughing.

 coffin dance meme

What is the origin of the Viral African coffin dance meme?

One of the most viral videos (or the most) is the one that begins with a dangerous or delicate action that puts the protagonist at risk. In the background, you can hear ‘Astronomia‘, by Vicetone & Tony Igy.

After a cut, the song breaks and the second part of the video begins. African men dressed in suits carry a coffin while dancing. Thus, the tragic ending that the protagonist will have is hinted.

But what is the origin of the funeral video?

Most of these images have been recorded at Ghanaian funerals. In recent years, it has become fashionable in this African country to throw a party, which can last up to six days, to bid farewell to the deceased and which is also a social event. There are hundreds of invited people.

One of the contracted services is these men who carry the coffin. These “dancers” perform various choreographies with the coffin on their shoulders as they stroll past their loved ones.

Such are these “farewell parties” that Ghanaian families go into debt so that their loved one has a goodbye in style as they also hire catering and pay for the accommodation of family or friends who have moved for the funeral.

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