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Major League Baseball 2020 Season Begins for Independence Day

Major League Baseball 2020 Season Begins for Independence Day: The Major League Baseball office, with the agreement of the owners of the teams, will present this Tuesday to the Players Association its plan for the revival of professional baseball, which could begin on July 4, next, the Independence Day of the United States, as reported by various media with sources close to the organization.

Major League Baseball 2020 Season Begins for Independence Day

After the development of the coronavirus pandemic, the proposal would be almost completely ruling out the presence of fans in the stands, while the competition format includes a schedule cut to 82 games in the regular season, respecting the structure both of the National League as well as the American League, although the designated hitter rule for the old circuit could be incorporated for the only time.

Major League Baseball 2020

As for the preseason, it would restart in mid-June, while the playoffs contemplate 14 teams and four wildcards per League, in addition to which initially all the clubs could play in their respective stadiums.

However, resistance is expected from the players in the face of doubts about how the Majors will guarantee the issue of security and medical protocols if any positive case is found.

Likewise, another complicated point will be the contractual one, since the owners of the teams would propose a salary distribution according to the profits obtained by the Major Leagues and not according to the proportional part to the number of games played as had been considered in the first arrangement between both sides after the forced unemployment.

As a result of the indefinite suspension of activities almost a couple of months ago, the versions of a reactivation plan have changed as time passes and the pandemic develops in the United States, considering only the Arizona region at the beginning to concentrate all the games, incorporating as the days went by the options of Florida and Texas as complements, while prior to this proposal, they had worked in a merged format of both Leagues and with three divisions of 10 teams according to geographic regions.

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