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Is Texano Jr. sick with coronavirus? – His brother responds

Texano Jr. coronavirus News: From very early on through social networks, a strong rumor was circulating that the AAA fighter Texano Jr. had tested positive for COVID-19.

The news quickly went viral, generating a certain psychosis in the community of wrestling fans, as Texano Jr. participated in the Lucha Fighter tournament along with some of the most important figures in show sports in the World.

Texano Jr. coronavirus
Texano Jr.

Texano Jr. has no coronavirus

Fortunately, his brother, Super Nova (ex AAA Bengal), denied the rumors, saying in a comment for “Close to the canvas” that Texano Jr. is in good health. SuperNova was quite angry, hurling insults at one of our friend pages, accusing them of distributing false information for earning likes.

In News, we thank Super Nova for having denied the information, but we think that in the case of the fighters, being public figures, they should handle these types of situations more calmly and respectfully issue a statement for the good of the fans, and if necessary, ask the media for clarification if they feel offended.

With regard to this particular case, “Flush with the canvas” with very careful wording, he pointed out that the information was only a rumor and should be taken as such, so it is unacceptable to receive any insult.

Unfortunately, wrestling has been filled with false news without a little respect in recent months, in which health and even the lives of some wrestlers have been gambled.

The false information has only caused greater secrecy in the official sources and much distrust on the part of the fighters to the media that we do our job correctly. We urge our community to be aware of official media and trustworthy site.

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