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Top 10 Races of Fernando Alonso – According to F1

Top 10 Races of Fernando Alonso: Cach has its own ranking of the best races reminiscent of Fernando Alonso in his 17 years in F1, but it is the first time that F1 itself that performs the championship is the best.

Top 10 Races of Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso

10. Japan GP 2005

Fernando Alonso was already a champion, and in the midst of a comeback, as he started 16th due to the qualifying rain, he met Michael Schumacher, who left him outside before the famous curve 130-R.

Neither short nor lazy, clutching the steering wheel like a castaway to a board, Alonso passed him on the outside in one of the wildest and most remembered maneuvers of the two-time champion, which he himself highlighted in 2018 when he said goodbye to Suzuka.

9. Azerbaijan GP 2018

It may not be as remembered as others, but of course, for him, it was “perhaps my best F1 race”, with the McLaren that gave him so many headaches. He had to enter the pits after a puncture on the first lap, already on three wheels giving a tremendous show, and then he was able to go up to the seventh place.

8. Spanish GP 2006

At last, the victory came in Spain and in the midst of a generational duel with Michael Schumacher, whom he surpassed in 20 seconds at the finish line after imposing a hellish rhythm from the start.

Fernando wrote another golden page in the sportsbook when he won the 50th edition of the Spanish Grand Prix and regained the leadership that he was throwing for his second crown.

7. Singapore GP 2010

“I made a pole to give myself a damn,” Alonso confessed to Emilio Botín in his first season at Ferrari and launched for his third title. Perhaps the riskiest, although later in the race, his defense with Vettel (Red Bull) in enemy territory was a tremendous half-race, even achieving the fastest lap.

In fact, he achieved the grand chelem (pole, fast lap, victory, and lead all laps). In the team, they were attacked of the nerves, but he by the radio said: “calm, that does not happen to me …”.

6. Hungarian GP 2003

One of his fetish races, and his first F1 victory with an R23 that was not yet to win then, but Fernando did. He came to double Michael Schumacher in that unforgettable race in which he became the youngest Grand Prix winner.

5. European GP 2007

The last victory with McLaren and the most remembered for his incredible fight on the track with the Ferrari of Massa (and the no less incredible help from the crane to Hamilton to return him to the track in the downpour).

At who defeated with his superb overtaking on the outside with a shock included. And then the no less famous dialectical fight of the two before the cameras around the world.

4. Malaysian GP 2012

A bad start Ferrari, changing conditions in Malaysia and “the most beautiful victory”, said Andrea Stella, its engineer, on the radio. BRAND was told by the team that “it was the most surprising victory in 10 years.”

3. San Marino GP 2005

Perhaps the most memorable, for defeating the powerful Schumacher at home defending position 12 laps with one cylinder less in the engine. There he showed that he had champion wood.

2. Spanish GP 2013

Alonso’s last F1 victory was, in addition to being historical, a race as he started fifth on the grid and made a memorable start passing Räikkönen and Hamilton outside.

After winning, he waved the Ferrari flag and pointed to the ‘Cavallino’ on the wheel, another of his most remembered images.

1. European GP 2012

Fernando also tends to say that it is the best of his, especially because it was unexpected since he started 12th in the missing circuit of the port of Valencia.

Yes, everything came to him, but he advanced in all possible positions to achieve an almost unrepeatable victory. His unusual tears on the podium underscore the feat.

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