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10 Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day During Coronavirus in Quarantine

Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day During Coronavirus in Quarantine: How will you celebrate Mother’s Day amid the coronavirus or in quarantine? We give you some ideas.

Sunday, May 10, is celebrated Mother ‘s Day. Due to the Covid-19 coronavirus quarantine, this time, the celebrations will be different, so at EarlyinTime, we prepared ten magnificent ideas to celebrate moms creatively, whether you live with them or not.

Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day During Coronavirus in Quarantine

To begin, it is important to reiterate that quarantine can not be broken for anything in the world since you can endanger not only your mother but the people around you. That said, we present these 10 ideas:

1. Make him breakfast or his favorite food

What better way to start the day than pampering with your favorite breakfast. If you don’t live with her, you can surprise her by sending her breakfast on one of the platforms that offer this service.

Some strawberries with cream would change Mom’s day, and here we tell you how to prepare them, easy and simple.

2. Video call

If you are away from your mother, technology will bring them closer. Spend a few hours of your day talking with her about anything, such as remembering moments from when you were a girl or a boy.

3. Virtual party

A bigger option is to put together a ‘virtual party.’ You can invite your sisters or brothers, aunts, and uncles. Without a doubt, it will be a unique moment.

4. Exercise together

Health is love. A different option is to practice exercise with your mom. You can follow a routine on youtube, be it Zumba, yoga, or some other class that you know she likes.

5. Home Theater Marathon

Instead of going to the movies, start a marathon at home. Prepare some popcorn and spoil it with an unforgettable function. If you like horror movies, here are five recommendations that you can enjoy on online platforms.

6. Let her choose her gift online

A fun option can be ‘shopping’ … online. Sit down with her to choose different gifts, taking advantage of the fact that several sites on the Internet have promotions and free shipping for quarantine.

7. Karaoke

We already talked about exercising, but you can also get your best musical notes out with karaoke at home. It does not matter if you do not have a microphone, use the tracks that are on the Internet, and incidentally dedicate a song from daughter (or) to mother.

8. Video game afternoon

Who said that video games are only for young people? Teach him how to play your favorite video game and make teams to play online. It will be a very fun and different time.

9. Family board games

If video games are not yours, you can use the afternoon to have fun with board games. If you don’t have one at home, you can order one online. There are many options: puzzles, tourists, faces, and gestures, among others.

10. Prepare a play for her

A more ‘risky’ option but one that will surely fascinate the little ones in the home. Put together a small play and surprise it with your performances; You can also recite a poem or tell jokes in a ‘mini stand up.’

And as an extra tip: listen to your favorite music with mom

If your mom is a music lover, you can prepare a good session with her, where the selection is more to her liking, and why not? Accompany her with one of her favorite drinks. Here we leave you a set a list that could help you.

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