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How to Pronounce X Æ a-12 Musk’s Son (According to Musk Himself)

How to Pronounce X Æ a-12 Musk’s Son (According to Musk Himself): Elon Musk has given his first interview after the birth of his seventh son, X Æ A-12 Musk. As it could not be otherwise, the first question they asked him was: how the hell do you pronounce that.

How to Pronounce X Æ a-12 Musk’s Son Name

We will solve it right away, but before, a little context. Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla, has a relationship with singer Grimes. When Grimes announced that she was pregnant with Musk, her fans assumed the baby would have an extravagant name (both are quite … quirky). There was even a rumor that the boy was going to be called “Influenza”, which turned out to be false. No one guessed, nor would have guessed in a million years, that the baby’s name would be X Æ A-12 Musk.

X Æ a-12 Musk

Honestly, that’s what his parents say, but the state of California, where the child was born, does not allow the registration of a name that contains characters other than the 26 letters of the alphabet (except apostrophes and hyphens in compound surnames. ), so on the baby’s birth certificate you have to put something else, even if your name is technically legal.

Having said that. How to pronounce X Æ A-12. As explained by the creature’s father, Elon Musk, in Joe Rogan’s podcast, X Æ A-12 is pronounced almost the same as it reads: X Ash A 12. In English, / Ek s ash ei twelve / To understand it, I’m afraid you have to go over the name character by character:

  • X: An important letter for Elon Musk. His old company X.com, founded in 1999, eventually merged with PayPal before selling to eBay for $ 1.5 billion. His part of the deal served to found SpaceX and Tesla. Grimes said on Twitter that the X was the “unknown variable,” and linked it to the emoji ⚔️, which is somehow related to the baby being born in the year of the metal rat, according to the Chinese horoscope.
  • Æ: The ligature of a and e is called ash (from Old English æsc, which means “ash”) and comes from the Anglo-Saxon rune ᚫ. Grimes has also invented that this is how you spell “AI” in Elvish. AI means “love” in Japanese or “artificial intelligence” in its English acronym. Artificial intelligence is precisely what linked Musk with the singer. In 2018, Elon came up with a play on words: “Rococó Basilisk”, referring to the Roko Basilisk (A paradox about a hypothetical artificial superintelligence of the future that, to end any evil, needs to annihilate everyone who did not help in its creation, including those who read this and do nothing to create it.) Searching the phrase on Twitter, Musk realized that a certain Grimes had tweeted her before, and contacted her to tell her that they were doing the same type of jokes.
  • A-12: A CIA aircraft built by Lockheed in the 1960s that was the forerunner of Elon and Grimes’ favorite aircraft, the SR-71 Blackbird. The A-12 received the name Archangel during its design phase, which could be related to Grimes uploading photos of an archangel to Instagram before giving birth. Grimes said on Twitter that Archangel was his favorite song and that the A-12 / SR-71 reconnaissance plane “had no weapons, no defenses; just speed ”, it was“ great in battle, but not violent ”. Musk added in his interview that this part of the name had been proposed by him.

Until now, it was theorized that the baby’s real name was “Sasha Archangel”, by the combination of X Æ / ecs ash / and the code name of the A-12, but Elon Musk seems to confirm that his son’s name is read like the password of a wifi network. Hopefully, the child does not have a bad time at school.

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