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31 Happy Nurses Day Wishes, Quotes & Sayings

Happy Nurses Day Wishes, Happy Nurses Day Quotes & Happy Nurses Day Sayings: Like every Three Kings Day, in hundreds of hospitals around Mexico, nurses celebrate their day. The celebration takes place within the framework of the commemoration of the first generation of Health Nursing graduates, a career that the National Polytechnic Institute instituted in 1928.

Happy Nurses Day

After the First National Nurses Convention, on January 6, 1938, it was agreed to establish that day as Nurses Day in Mexico. There is another version that indicates how the creation of this date occurred.

Happy Nurses Day

What is the true story matters little when it comes to celebrating the almost 300 thousand nurses who work in the National Health System in our country.

We know that this is a job that involves dedication and that for years you have prepared yourself with studies, experience, and a lot of patience. 

Happy Nurses Day Wishes

We know that your job is not just about supplying medications prescribed by a doctor. Your work is also a great accompaniment, like that of a psychologist, for the sick and their understanding.

You know how to lift their spirits, and you know how to make a spiritual medicine that helps them have a speedy recovery.

Happy Nurses Quotes

So today, we present to you the best Happy Nurses Quotes to congratulate you and your colleagues on this day. We will classify some of the Happy Nurses Quotes by their level of complexity or their length, some of them belong to fragments of books, and we quote their authors, other phrases come from the purest inspiration.

We are sure that all of them will help you to amaze and share this great feeling you have for your profession.

  • They say that some are born for healers. A select few. 
  • Although the doctors do not understand it, we nurses do. It is love, pure, and simple love. It is the most incredible thing I have ever seen.
  • The author of these lines, who knows perhaps better than any other person in Europe what we could call the job of a hospital nurse, that is, the practical work of the nurse, sincerely believes that it is something impossible to learn in books and that can only be learned in-depth in hospital wards. 
  • The nurse has become one of the great blessings of humanity, having a place next to the doctor and the priest. – William Osler.
  • Panic is not important in the training of a nurse. – Elizabeth Kenny.
  • It is the nurse that the child hears for the first time, and her words that she will try to imitate first. – Quintilian.
  •  As you get more joy by giving joy to others, you should pay more attention to the happiness that you are capable of giving. – Eleanor Roosevelt.
  • They may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou.
  •  Do what no one else will do, a path that no one else can take, despite everything we continue, that is nursing. – Rawsi Williams.
  • Healing oneself is connected to the healing of others. – Yoko Ono.
  • Always thank your nurse. Sometimes it’s the only thing that separates you from a hearse. – Carrie Latet.
  • If you want other people to be happy too, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. – Dalai Lama
  •  Only by surrounding yourself with intelligent and motivating people will you learn and grow, as a professional and as a person. – Anonymous.
  • If you save a life you are a hero, if you save 100, you are a nurse. – Anonymous. 
  • When you are a nurse, you know that every day you will change a life or a life will change yours. – Anonymous
  • Trials must be carried out, efforts must be made; some bodies have to fall into the gap for others to pass over them. –  Florence Nightingale.
  • Caring for one is love, caring for hundreds is nursing. – Anonymous.
  • They may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel. – Anonymous.
  • ut when you have suppressed all that pain and suffering that are the symptoms in patients, not of their disease, but of the absence of the aforementioned essential elements for the reparative process of Nature to take place, then we will know what they are the symptoms of the disease. –  Florence Nightingale.
  • I am just a nurse … who makes the difference between dying in agony or dying with dignity and comfort. – Buresh B, Gordon.

Happy Nurses Day Sayings

These are just some of the cutest Happy Nurses Day Wishes you can share with your colleagues. Surely you can also compose your own because based on the experience you know what it is to be a nurse.

  •  “How beautiful is the work of nurses and in general, of all health specialists, it is a beautiful skill that they put at the service of people and that allows them to have a higher quality of life. It is worth admiring and recognizing. “
  •  “For the most special nurse, my most enormous greeting, that you are blessed for that noble work, full of effort and sacrifice but with beautiful results: health and life.”
  • “You have a job that only people who were born with that vocation to help and dedicate with much love and patience to those who are bedridden by any disease can do.
  • Not only do you just supply their medicines, but you also try to lift their spirits and make their suffering less because you give them the confidence to share with you the suffering that an illness can cause them. Congratulations on the day of the Nurse”.
  • “I admire you because you are a very competent professional and I admire you for being like the angel that every sick person waits to be cared for. Greetings to you and all your colleagues on this special date. “
  •  “I know that your life is your work and that you give yourself so much to your patients that you are almost an angel to them. Happy nurse’s day, I hope you have a great time on your day and that your efforts and sacrifices are recognized. You deserve it”.
  • “This is definitely your vocation. I know this because despite having such a sacrificial profession and always looking tired you always come home with a smile on your face satisfied with the job well done. Happy nurse’s day, I really admire the work you do”.
  • “Your duty is to help the good and the bad without distinction and since you are a nurse you have fulfilled that mission. So I admire you because, despite knowing that you are not an angel, you are the closest thing there is. For your care, your patience, your love, and your constant effort, I wish you a happy nurse’s day”.
  • “For you, I can only have words of praise because I have had the opportunity to see how you do your work and it is seen that not only have you had good training in your profession, but you also have great human sensitivity, that is why your patients They love much and are happy with your attentions. Congratulations on your day”.

Your work is essential for all of us who have ever had to go through the hospital, but it is also the maximum engine of life when accompanying life is all about.

In addition, on this special day, we invite you to be sure to consult our infographic about your rights and obligations as a nurse or nurse in the public sector. Do you know what you have access to? Do you know what your commitments care to patients?

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