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How to Watch Kentucky Derby 2020 Live From Apple Device

How to Watch Kentucky Derby 2020 Live From Apple Device: New racing enthusiasts may wonder, “At what point is the Kentucky Derby?” Experienced enthusiasts will let you know; the Roses Race is always and at all times the first Saturday of May.

Kentucky Derby 2020 Live From Apple

How to Watch Kentucky Derby 2020 Live From Apple Device

The Kentucky Derby is an American tradition that has held firm since 1875, and in 2020 we have more options than ever to see not only the race itself, which ends in less than 3 minutes but rather the entire parade and the tradition surrounding the event. If you have an Apple TV, you can watch the Kentucky Derby 2020 in 4K high-definition resolution. But first, you’ll need to find out exactly which channel the Kentucky Derby is on, what time the Kentucky Derby race is, and, of course, find a live stream from Churchill Downs.

Exactly what channel is the Kentucky Derby on?

Great news! Each and every pre-race Kentucky Derby event will be broadcast on the NBC Sports Network (NBCSN) and will find coverage of the race on NBC. The broadcast time is set for 6:50 p.m. ET, so make sure you have your live broadcast and running well before that, so you don’t miss the race! All you need to do is find a satellite, a streaming service, or an app that offers access to both NBC Sports and NBC, and you’re going to be able to see all the coverage of the Kentucky Derby.

How to stream the Kentucky Derby 2020 live on your Apple TV wirelessly.

I wish I could tell you to download the NBC app at no cost, and after you put all the Derby coverage on your Apple TV, sadly, I can’t. The NBC application requires that you enter a code from your satellite or cable dealer to start transmitting, so cable cutters cannot use this application.

Watch the Kentucky Derby live on OTA TV.

OTA stands for over the air; in other words, an antenna! Yes, it is true, you can legally take the channels broadcast locally and transmit them to your Apple TV with an antenna. While you might be imagining the outdated version that resembles a laundry rack attached to your ceiling, there are now many OTA options that stay in your home. Certain can boost the signal, which is really useful if you live in a rural area.

There are many options, so see if NBC is broadcast in your area, or if it can be captured with an antenna that includes a signal amplifier. If you can catch NBC with your OTA antenna, you will be able to see all the coverage of the race day, including the race itself and the Circle of Winners Liturgy. Some OTA purchase options include AirTV, SiliconDust, and Mohu, but there is considerably more out there. Visit Mohu’s site for a handy tool that lets you enter your postal district to find out how far the prime transmission towers are from your location, and then choose an antenna powerful enough to pick up those signals.

Broadcast the Kentucky Derby 2020 with fuboTV

  • Compatibility: Apple TV, iPhone, iPad or fourth-generation iPod Touch or next with iOS 10 and later
  • Cost: $ 59.99 a month
  • Pros: 7-day free trial period without obligation
  • With: Channel availability changes as the region FuboTV is a TV broadcast service with a strong focus on live sports. The basic package, fubo Premier, offers more than 70 channels of content, and in my area includes NBC Sports, but does not include NBC.

To sign up on FuboTV and find the Apple TV application, click here. For the iPhone and iPad application, follow this link.

Stream Kentucky Derby 2020 on AT&T TV Now

  • Compatibility: 4th and 5th generation Apple TV, iPhones and iPads with iOS 11 or later
  • Cost: $ 65 per month
  • Pros: 7-day free trial period, streaming included for AT&T Wireless service customers
  • Cons: NBC and NBCSN live are not free in each and every area

DirecTV Now is DirecTV’s streaming offering, and he was super moved to see that his lowest-cost plan includes NBC Sports and NBC. So I looked at the small print to the right of each channel and saw small boxes that indicated Live, VOD, or both. Live is pretty obvious, live streaming is free, plus VOD? That means video on demand, and if only VOD is offered, you won’t be able to stream live games from that network. Check with AT&T TV Now to make sure rigorous live video, not VOD, NBC Sports, and NBC are included in your area.

Live coverage of the Kentucky Derby 2020 with Sling TV

  • Compatibility: 4th and 5th generation Apple TV, iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch with iOS 11 or later
  • Cost: $ 5 for the first month, then $ 30 a month for the Sling Blue
  • Pros: 10 hours of free cloud DVR storage
  • Cons: NBC and NBCSN live are not free in each and every area

Sling TV is a streaming TV service on demand that lets viewers pay far less than a cable subscription would cost. Customers of the service can choose Sling Orange, Sling Blue, or both. As an ancillary bonus, Sling offers cloud DVR at no cost. This way, you can record the Kentucky Derby and watch it later if you have work or family plans to accommodate. Sling Blue, at $ 25 a month, includes both NBC and NBC Sports but offers change from area to area. Make sure both channels are free in your area.

Below, we offer you point-by-point instructions to help you find and also install the Sling TV app on your Apple TV.

Watch & Replay Derby 2020 with Hulu

  • Compatibility: The fourth generation of Apple TV and following, such as iPhones and iPads with iOS 12 and following can run the new Hulu app
  • Cost: Hulu + Live TV is $ 54.99 / mo with commercials and $ 60.99 / mo without commercials.
  • Pros: Profiles tailored for each family member, record and save up to 50 hours of content with Cloud DVR
  • Cons: NBC and NBCSN are not broadcast in each and every area

If you live in the right area, $ 54.99 per month will give you NBC and NBC Sports and all the Kentucky Derby experience on a live streaming service. If you live in an area where Hulu Live offers NBC and NBC Sports, you can learn how to set it up on your Apple TV here. To download the Hulu application for iPhone and iPad, click here.

Kentucky Derby lives on YouTube TV.

  • Compatibility: 4th generation and following Apple TVs, iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch with iOS 11 or later, broadcast to your TV using AirPlay
  • Cost: Free trial, then $ 49.99 / mo
  • Pros: Free recording with unlimited storage
  • Cons: NBC live is not free in each and every area

Here’s another alternative that includes NBC, NBCSN, and over 70 other channels as well! Please make sure Live NBC is included in your service area already before subscribing.

The best way to watch the Kentucky Derby 2020

It seems like Sling TV and Hulu are the best options for capturing the Kentucky Derby in my area. The channel offerings may be different for you, so be sure to check ahead to make sure that both NBC Sports and NBC are offered in rigorous live. As an alternative to streaming services, and if you’re only interested in the race itself and not the lead, check to see if NBC broadcasts close enough to your home to pick up your OTA signal.

Obviously, always and at all times, there is the option of joining a friend who has a cable for the day of the derby. Bring one of these great dishes to share, and I am convinced that you will be invited from year to year!

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