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Trump announces he will start traveling next week

The president also said he hopes to hold rallies again soon, but did not say what precautionary measures he would take against the coronavirus. Trump would be eager to travel because his approval rating has dropped and is below Biden in polls.

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he plans to start traveling next week. The first trip will be to the state of Arizona, and then he will visit Ohio.

“We are going to start going from here to there,” Trump said during an event with business executives, adding that he hopes to be able to hold rallies soon, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The desire to start traveling and wanting to hold campaign events could be because Trump is frustrated that his approval rating has dropped in recent weeks and is now below Joe Biden in polls. The New York Times reported that the president’s approval “fell last week to one of its lowest levels in months” and was angered by his campaign manager Brad Parscale when they showed him polls from his campaign showing that he is after Biden, virtual Democratic candidate for president, in several crucial states.

Trump, who does not wear face masks as recommended by his own government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, did not specify what precautions he would take when traveling. He only said that the Arizona event would focus on industries, but did not elaborate.

Arizona is under voluntary home isolation recommendations until May 15.

The president has said before that he is eager to leave the White House. The last time he had a campaign rally was on March 2.

Trump added that he hopes to have campaign rallies again “in the not too distant future” and that he would like to see “an old-fashioned rally of 25,000 people without social distancing.”

“I can’t imagine a rally where every fourth seat is full, every sixth bench is empty for everyone that’s full,” he said. “That wouldn’t look very good.”

Authorities have recommended social distancing and voluntary isolation at home to try to avoid spreading the virus that has left nearly 61,000 dead and more than a million confirmed cases in the United States. Some states, however, have already begun to lift these guidelines to revive the economy.

Federal recommendations for social distancing include avoiding meetings of 10 or more people. The authorities have said that the guidelines for social distancing will remain in force while the country’s economy is reactivated.

Because he stopped holding rallies, Trump began holding long press conferences at the White House in which he discusses and insults reporters by telling them they report false news.

His performance at these press conferences would be one of the reasons for his approval rating drop, especially after hinting last week that one could use a disinfectant to kill the virus, the New York Times added. Disinfectant experts and companies have told people not to drink or inject these liquids because they are harmful to health.

However, Trump, who never accepts any responsibility, firmly believes that press conferences have been beneficial.

Biden’s “strategy” of “hiding in the basement” of his home is favoring him for now but he will ultimately lose out when the president confronts him in debates, Trump campaign advisers have said.

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