Home News Reporter Caught Without Pants During Live Broadcast

Reporter Caught Without Pants During Live Broadcast

Oh, after so many days of confinement, he forgot the bottom of his pajamas. A journalist aired in a suit and no pants, unaware that everyone could see his legs.

Reporter Caught Without Pants

Most of us have lost count of the days we’ve been quarantined, working at home in our pajamas and forgetting the last time we went outside.

ABC News reporter Will Reeve might familiarize himself with the situation, except that he seems to have forgotten something a little more important: pants.

Although he says he had “shorts” on:

Will Reeve, son of late actor Christopher Reeve, appeared Tuesday morning on Good Morning America to deliver a report on pharmacies that use drones to deliver drugs to patients.

At the end of the segment, the news strip at the bottom of the screen disappeared, revealing that Reeve was only fully dressed in his upper half.

Reeve, who operates his own camera while working from home, later clarified on Twitter that the segment was not offering a glimpse of his underwear, but rather a pair of workout shorts for the exercise he had planned to do after he Your segment will end.

“I hope everyone had a much-needed laugh,” he tweeted.

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