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8 Best Popular Google Doodle Games

The best Popular Google Doodle Games to get out of boredom Popular Google Doodle games: The best video games are not always on consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch. There is a whole world of fun at your fingertips. To do this, you just have to open your browser. As you will have seen hundreds of times, Google celebrates special days (anniversaries, world health days, sporting events, etc.), changing the head of its search engine with those cool designs called Google Doodle.

The Best Popular Google Doodle Games to Get Out of Boredom

Many of these designs are interactive and game-like. They are perfect for disconnecting from work or for getting out of boredom. But be careful, they can be very addictive. We collect the Best Popular Google Doodle Games that Google has created so far so that you can have a good time with them (we are not responsible for the loss of track of time).

Best Google Doodle Games

1. Deliver the mail with the Pony Express game

This Popular Google Doodle games commemorated the 155th anniversary of Pony Express, the express courier service that crossed the United States. In the game, you will be a delivery boy riding a pony, and you will have to collect the mail and take it to the nearest towns.

Play here.

2. Improvise with a Moog synthesizer

Without a doubt one of the most popular Google Doodle games. Google launched it in honor of Robert Moog, the creator of the legendary Moog synthesizer, an instrument that changed the sound of music and has been key in the compositions of many artists such as The Beatles or Stevie Wonder.

Create your songs here.

3. Enjoy Valentine’s Day as if you were a pangolin

On Valentine’s Day 2017, Google created a game where you could be a pangolin (the only mammal with scales) that traveled the plains of Ghana in search of cooking Valentine’s cake.

You can play here.

4. Spin the vinyl in honor of the hip hop

This Popular Google Doodle game represents an analog mixer where you can mix hip hop classics in vinyl form. If you come upstairs, you can try doing some scratch. Very addictive.

DJ here.

5. Free kicks like a pro

Yes, there are much more realistic games in which to play digital basketball games, but this Doodle has such a simple operation (you just have to use the space bar) that you will see how you can not resist trying again and again.

Test yourself here.

6. A new Pac-Man design

There is little more that can be explained about one of the most famous video games in history. You already know the rules: don’t let ghosts eat you!

You can play here.

7. Show everyone that you are able to solve a Rubik’s cube

You know, there are people who do it in seconds. We do not expect so much from you, but if you memorize some movements, you will surely be able to get it. It is true that it is difficult to get used to turning the cube with the keyboard, but everything is possible.

Show what you know here.

8. Magic and kittens. Two in one

Take out the magician you have inside with this game in which a cat tries to defend itself from the attacks of ghosts. Use the keyboard to aim, shoot, and transform them into dust. See how long you can last before they catch you.

Play here.

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