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The 9 Things We (Almost) All Do After Sex – Which Do You Prefer?

Fortunately, anti-smoking campaigns are ending the practice of post-coital smoking, an image that has also served to illustrate shared pleasure in movies and series. Now the writers should be true to reality and reflect the ‘after’ of the lovers with a tender hug, but also eating pizza, watching the networks, or doing absolutely nothing.

Things We (Almost) All Do After Sex

They could draw ideas from the survey that market research company One Poll has conducted among more than 2,000 Americans to find out what is usually done after sex. And the result is, in order of popularity.

1. The Little Spoon

Hugging the couple from the back, coupling the two bodies, is the preference for 74% of those interviewed. A loving and complicit gesture that helps prolong the pleasure of contact and can also encourage repetition.

2. Watch a Movie or a Series

50% agree that it is a good way to complete that moment of shared leisure, although they do not specify whether they watch the series together or each one chooses their favorite.

3. Drinking Water

Having a glass of water on the nightstand is almost a necessity for 48% of respondents. Probably because the effort of sex requires immediate hydration or because the mouth has become dry from so much use.

4. Put on Clothes

Perhaps because of an excess of modesty or because the temperature is not as warm as they would like, around 40% decide to get dressed moments after brightening up the day.

5. Do Nothing

Lie down, look at the ceiling, maybe feel satisfied with yourself … The fact is that for 36% of respondents there is nothing like doing absolutely nothing after orgasm.

6. Talk About Important Things

Around 30% believe that the moment of intimacy should be used to discuss matters of importance to both of them. It may be about the future of the couple, about the education of the children, or about the consequences of ‘post-truth’ on the balance of powers. It depends.

7. Cook

A quarter of the respondents like to prepare a dish with their partner to continue enjoying together stimulating other senses.

8. Eat a Pizza

Sex tends to make people hungry, and some (around 20%) don’t want to bother going into the kitchen to make something, so they choose to order pizza.

9. Take a Look at Your Social Networks

It does 14%. If someone has an irresistible need to know what has happened in their digital environment while busy, it is because either they were not very interested in the other person or they have a serious problem with mobile addiction. The bad climax for love.

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