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Top Reasons Why Wooden Toys Are Still the Best Way to Go

If you ask collectors and kids why they are fascinated with wooden toys, they may have different reasons. Older adults will tell you that they help bring in nostalgia, while toddlers would be fueled by their innate curiosity. Even parents know this. Children, in particular, are enthused about these toys’ endearing and versatile nature. They are multifaceted but straightforward. They are also beneficial for the physical, social, and cognitive development of children.

Top Reasons Why Wooden Toys Are Still the Best Way to Go

These developmental benefits attached to wooden toys are not merely figments of a hobbyist’s imagination. These benefits are, in fact, confirmed repeatedly and thoroughly researched. Here are some of the other benefits of allowing your kids to play with their wood-made toys. 

These toys are more stable

As you already know, wood is a sturdy and durable material. Even if young kids would throw it, jump on it, or roughly play with it, you are confident that it would not be easily destroyed. Unlike plastic, wood rarely breaks and is very stable. 

One of the main reasons for the durability of wooden toys is the fact that they are mostly handcrafted by artisans. The craftsmanship of the maker helps these toys achieve the highest standards of quality. If you give your toys a bit more care, it can even be part of your family’s heirloom.

These toys are also safer. Since its pieces do not easily break off, there is a lesser danger of it causing injury to children. There are also lower chances of the broken pieces being accidentally swallowed. 

Toys made from wood inspire fantasies

What makes this type of toy attractive is its simplicity. It does not usually come with blinking lights or artificial sounds. As such, it would not overload the child’s sense of sight and hearing. Instead, the child would have to use his own imagination to play with the toy. This means that your child would be using his imagination and intellect more when he is playing. 

Experts say that this kind of playtime engagement is crucial for the child’s verbal, emotional, social, and creative development. Their argumentative and thinking skills will also be strengthened every time they play with this fantasy-inducing toy. 

Toys made from wood are sustainable 

If you want to pursue an environment-friendly household, you can start influencing your kids by letting them play with wooden toys. While allowing them to be more imaginative, you are also teaching them to be responsible. You are not imposing on them to be ecologically aware, but through subtle means, you are pointing them in the right direction. 

A vast majority of the wooden toys these days are made through sustainable forestry processes and quick-growing trees. If you want to go far and beyond your sustainable efforts, make sure that the toys you buy are not made from exploitative materials and methods. Look for the Forest Stewardship Council seal to be sure. This group guarantees and promotes responsible forest cultivation. 

The takeaway

Toys made from wood have so many uses and advantages. But more than these benefits, these are the types of toys that will teach your children the beauty behind simplicity, ingenuity, and experiential learning. So, instead of gifting your kids with plastic toys, go for wooden ones instead. 


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