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How to do the best exercise to strengthen the abdomen

We have already told it before. The plates are, as published by the doctors of the Harvard University School of Medicine (Boston) in their report ‘Core Exercises‘, the best exercises we can do to strengthen the abdomen (to remove the fat, there is no other choice but to take great care diet and combine strength with aerobic).

Here is his explanation: “With the isometric abdominals it is possible to work in a more balanced way the entire abdomen and the back -even the glutes- with a single exercise instead of isolating them to tone it as is done with the ‘crunches’, which it is much more interesting – and practical – for our real life. ”

How are they carried out? It is a series of exercises executed in horizontal stabilization – face down, we raise the body supporting ourselves on the palm of the hands, elbows, and feet with the abdomen fully activated. In this pose, the muscles contract in static for a period of time that should not be less than 30 seconds.

“The plates are very effective and not very harmful. They improve the tone of our core in a short time, helping us to avoid injuries, back pain, etc.”, explains Magali Dalix, founder of Sala Magali (Barcelona). The French coach, author of ‘Change your body (and your life) in 20 days, among other books’, recommends dedicating “three days a week to hardening the gut with a table that includes different types of isometrics”.

Most Common Errors

But, before launching into it, it is essential to learn the technique well to take full advantage of its benefits and, above all, not injure ourselves.

What should we consider? Dalix details three key points:

  • 1. Total activation of the ‘core’ (from the ribs to the pelvic floor, also involving the glutes) throughout the exercise.
  • 2. Body alignment, from head to toe. We must not look up (we force the cervicals), nor drop the hip (we force the lower back).
  • 3. Shoulders and elbows aligned so as not to overload them.

WARNING: It is essential to consult a professional about the convenience of starting a training program. Also, listen to the calls of our body and stop before any symptoms of discomfort, dizziness, or pain.

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