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Exercises to Remove Your Gut During Quarantine

Exercises to Remove Your Gut: Prepare biscuits, learn to cut hair, play the saxophone … Without being able to leave the house, the day goes a long way. So much so that we can even take up those pending subjects that we always wanted to pass but we never had the time (or perseverance) to do it.

Small or big challenges such as finally getting rid of the fat accumulated in the abdomen and endowing this area, one of the most important in our anatomy with the support function (visceral and postural), of that force that sedentary lifestyle gives it. theft.

Exercises to Remove Your Gut

This may be the perfect time to do it because we have time, to do the exercises we don’t need too much space or material and, perhaps most importantly, being at home we can control everything we eat.

“Being at home does not mean that we are going to lose our exercise routine. Although we are not in the gym, it will not take more than the weight of our own body to achieve our goals,” says Christian Sanz, Fitness Coordinator of Metropolitan Iradier.

Before starting the mission, he warns that “if we want to flatten the abdomen, in addition to training, we have to maintain a balanced diet that complements the activity we do.” And he adds that “if in our daily routine, the importance of food on the results is 70%, during confinement, as physical activity decreases, this percentage increases even more. There is no use in pounding yourself with endless sessions if you don’t take care of what you eat . ”

Sanz recalls that “we must be aware of our limitations and capabilities .” For that reason, “we should not demand more of ourselves and be comfortable doing a certain routine.”

This coach stresses the importance of varying the types of training and, above all, doing things that we like. “The harder and more boring they are, the less we are going to want to do a new session.”

Obviously, before launching to follow any plan, you must take into account what injuries or discomforts you suffer. “For example, if you suffer joint pain such as your knees, or if you have a herniated disc or vertebral pathologies, you should avoid exercises where there is an impact because they can be harmful.”

What exercises can we do? To start with, the Metropolitan Iradier Fitness coordinator proposes a table with four exercises: “Superman, three-push plank, glute bridge with a push against the side. Side plank with the knee in front. This would involve four laps, with 15 seconds of I rest between each one, doing each exercise for 30 seconds. ”

How many days a week should we do to experience substantial improvement? “Although being disciplined and respecting a proper routine will help achieve objectives is easier, it is also true that the body needs to rest and recover from the muscular work we put it through when training. For this reason, although many times we see athletes from Elite spend all their days in gyms, most of the common people are not, so it is recommended to train three or four times a week.

Sanz also advises “to include one day of total rest and one more day of active rest, which implies carrying out light activities to recover to the rhythm before returning to intensity, such as Stretching or yoga.” Training with your partner or family can be “another very interesting stimulus for not giving up, prioritizing continuity over the intensity of sessions.

WARNING: It is essential to consult a professional about the convenience of starting a training program. Also, listen to the calls of our body and stop before any symptoms of discomfort, dizziness, or pain.

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