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5 Steps to Detoxify Your Skin – How to Cleanse Your Skin?

How to Cleanse Your Skin? here are the 5 Steps to Detoxify Your Skin: No more excuses. In addition to telecommuting, quarantine days can also be used to change daily routines for healthier habits. Here are five tips to take care of facial skin and look younger.

The quarantine that many countries in the world go through is an opportunity to adjust all that that was postponed with the phrase: “when I have time, I will do it.” This is the time to take care of health, change habits, and detoxify the body both internally and externally.

detoxify your skin

The skin on the face and neck are two parts of the body that receive the most toxins because they are incomplete exposure to free radicals, pollution, dirt, and excess makeup. These are five steps to detoxify your skin to ensure complete cleaning and skincare through detoxification in this quarantine.

1. Deep cleaning

This step is essential. Washing the face with soap, water, and hands-only removes 18% of the dirt. The use of smart devices helps to remove 99.5% of dirt, grease, and impurities. In addition to this, it is necessary to have a cleanser that adapts to each type of skin, and that provides deep cleaning.

2. Overnight care routine

Complementary to cleansing, the night routine is essential, as it is the key moment where the skin is detoxified. At night, many women only get used to removing makeup with micellar water and damp cloths. However, not all makeup is removed, and this is a key point. Well, at night is when the skin breathes, it eliminates the toxins it has collected during the day, and the cells are renewed.

3. Use of daily masks

The masks are the perfect ally to nourish the skin after eliminating toxins and dead cells, so they must be used daily. For this, the first thing is to identify what exactly the skin needs does? What is the ideal mask for the moment I am in? And how do I want to see and feel today?

Just as it is important to create the habit of cleaning the skin, you should also create one that is exclusive to hydrate it.

4. Serums and moisturizers

Optimizing beauty routines with serums and moisturizers that allow skin revitalization is essential. Also, they can be complemented with devices such as Iris by Foreo. For example, ideal for the eye area, since it also helps lymphatic drainage of the face, detoxifying the foot in key points such as the double chin, the line of happiness, and the bags that they arm under the eyes.

5. Drink plenty of water and change habits

Drinking water and changing eating habits are two essential points when it comes to steps to detoxify your skin since it is true that “we are what we eat,” and the skin reflects good or bad eating habits. Juices detox, increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables, and decrease the consumption of sugars and fats, will allow the skin to look much healthier, complementing it with infallible beauty and cleaning routines.

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