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Choosing Swimwear that Matches Your Body Type

Women are more conscious than men when it comes to their body types. Women often hide or downplay critical parts of their body through their choice of clothing. When it comes to summer outings, a lot of women may feel self-conscious about their body that they may even consider just staying home for the summer. Fortunately, there are different types of swimwear online that women can choose from that would complement their specific body types.

Choosing Swimwear that Matches Your Body Type

Let’s see how one can choose swimwear that matches their body type here:

Classify Your Body Type. If you have not done so far, you should carefully determine the type of body you have. You can do this by standing in front of a mirror and assessing your body type if it belongs to the following shape categories: hourglass, top hourglass, straight, inverted triangle, pear, or oval. The next thing to do is to focus on choosing which swimwear will compliment your body type.

Hourglass. An hourglass figure will have the bust and hip regions with the same measurements while having a smaller but well-defined waist. If your body type falls within the hourglass classification, then you are fortunate since you can wear almost all the swimsuit styles available. However, you can still have a much flattering swimwear figure when you purchase swimwear online that offers supportive tops or with cutout sides.

Top Hourglass. A top hourglass body type has a broader bust region but still maintains that hourglass figure. This type of body will match well with two-piece swimsuits; however, the top part of the swimwear should include more support to the bust region. If you are conscious of your more than ample breast region, then you can opt for swimwear bottoms that have ruffles, tassels, or bright colored patterns to give your bottom area more emphasis.

Straight. A straight body type has bust, waist, and hip regions with the same measurements. Straight bodied women should choose swimwear that will give the illusion of curves. Two-piece bikinis with ruffles across the chest and hip areas will give the illusion of a fuller bust and broader hips. Straight body types will also benefit from one-piece swimsuits with side cutouts that give an imaginary hourglass look.

Inverted Triangle. You have an inverted triangle body type if your bust region is broad, your waist is not well-defined, and hips are narrow. If you are an inverted triangle, it is best to choose a swimwear online that will draw attention away from your bust region while making your hips have more volume. An ideal swimwear combination for an inverted triangle body is to get a slimming bandeau top to minimize your bust and high-waist bottoms to add dimensions to your hips and waist.

Pear. Pear-bodied women are characterized by waist and hips that are larger than their bust regions. This body type is hard to match, but there is swimwear that can give you the illusion of smaller hips. If you are pear-bodied, then it is best to choose a swimsuit with padded cups or push-up wiring to provide more volume to your chest regions. For the bottom part, you should opt for high-waist bottoms to slim out your hips and butt.

Oval. Women classified under the oval shape have waists that are larger than both the bust and hip regions. Women of this body type should choose swimwear online that will minimise their waist regions to make their hips and bust appear proportional. Swimwear that cinches at the waist is an ideal match for oval-shaped women.

Remember, your body type should not hinder you from enjoying the beach. Choose a swimwear online that will match your body type so that you can hit the beach with confidence.

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